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Comment Re:Also (Score 5, Insightful) 865

Your real estate comment doesn't make sense. The same digital projectors are used for 3D and 2D. Most multiplexes have many more houses than they can fill anyway so no "real estate" is waisted by showing 3D. How does not showing 3D attract a wider audience? Almost all multiplexes will show both 2D and 3D versions and YOU get to choose which one you want to pay for. 3D is an additional option that DOES attract wider audiences by providing an additional choice.

Comment Solution? (Score 1) 343

anyone can complain...what is your solution? For me, all politics are local. We pay way too much attention to the national election and very little attention to local elections. These national people don't come from nowhere. Most start locally. If we all take more time to pay attention where it matters most, our backyard, perhaps less of these clowns will make it to the national stage. I'm tired of voting for the "least awful"...
Also, people vote. Not organizations, etc. Are people only educated by TV commercials? Money itself isn't the problem it's the fuel to the ignorance fire that most voters flock to - advertisements as information. We're well on our way to "Idiocracy".

Comment Kill two birds... (Score 1) 1026

So you want faster rail and green energy? Spend the money on nuclear power, etc and eliminate the coal fired power plants. I live next to a rail line that serves both freight and Amtrak. 90% of the train traffic is 100+ car coal trains...several an hour at that. In our state Amtrak has the right away. The only problem is that many of these coal trains are too long for many of the "pull over" areas. Get rid of the coal trains and you open up the tracks for significantly more passenger rail...assuming that's what you want because I personally think the idea is a waste of money for 90% of the country's land area.

Red Hat Settles Patent Case 76

darthcamaro writes "Red Hat has settled another patent case with patent holding firm Acacia. This time the patent is US Patent #6,163,776, 'System and method for exchanging data and commands between an object oriented system and relational system.' While it's great that Red Hat has ended this particular patent threat, it's not yet clear how they've settled this case. The last time Red Hat tangled with Acacia they won in an Texas jury trial. 'Red Hat routinely addresses attempts to impede the innovative forces of open source via allegations of patent infringement,' Red Hat said in a statement. 'We can confirm that Red Hat, Inc and Software Tree LLC have settled patent litigation that was pending in federal court in the Eastern District of Texas.'"

Comment Re:Fucktards (Score 1) 1141

And when the Chinese hacker take down the power grid and food stops showing up at the grocery store...who quickly becomes the "fuckwit"?
Let me put it another way...when your "interweb wires" go through my land because I have a forced easement or some "fuckwit" decides the space 15ft above my land doesn't belong to me and starts stringing wires then funny things start happening.

Comment Re:Has the Documentation Been Improved? (Score 2, Interesting) 344

The fact he makes such a statement means two things. One, he's never bothered to look. Two, only interested in FUD'ing.

Of course, you are wrong. I've spent quite a bit of time in both SQL Server BOL and PG 8.1 manual. The PG manual may be one of the best OSS manuals but it is far from THE best manual. It's extremely weak in the areas of administration. And if you're brave enough to make a suggestion on one of the PG boards you are usually met with elitist resistance as if their acceptance of a suggestion is somehow a indication of failure. This is especially true if you reference a MS SQL example.

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