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Submission + - Why does openvz require SELINUX to be disabled?

Anomalyst writes: All the howto's document declare that openvz must have SELINUX disabled, but none of them explain why this is the case. The Audit2allow process seems to present a solution and I would feel a lot better if a virtual host tasked with running multiple guests pertaining to core functionality had SELINUX protecting it from rogue applications and users. Has anyone actually got openvz to run with SELINUX running?

Comment If they dont like what I do with AdBlock - (Score 1) 686

They must really be shiating their silky little thong panties with what Ghostery and noscript does to their tattletale code. If they have a worthwhile product I'll hear it through word of mouth or an honest report in /. or Fark. They dont use their tools responsibly, with blinking and flashing and loops that you cant disable. So I deny them the right to reach me at all. When hell freezes over and they make appropriate and considerate use of their access to me, mebbe I'll turn it off. Until then I will show them the same lack of consideration and appropriateness.

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 388

That's an Ubuntu issue, mainly.

Not really, there's no PPA for RC4. Installation was by git clone & git pull,config, make, make install. I also tried from the tarball, same result no such file for the library import. I'm sure it'll sort out when they start building the .deb, but it doesn't do me any good now, nor does it allow me to help test the RC since I can get it to provision a new domain.

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