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Comment Re:Afraid? You will be. You will be. (Score 1) 99

It's all this "idiocracy" of design that bothers me. I want to see dynamic, world-upsetting events and invasions. I don't mean one-shot stupidities, I mean real wars. I want to see cities invaded where the vendors and trainers get attacked and slaughtered, and the players don't know where to go anymore, so they'd better fight.

Guildwars 2 had that. Entire towns get wrecked and you have to get a group going to take them back if you ever want to see NPCs in that area again.

That was pretty cool, until the WoW (and similar) game fans came, complained about everything that was different, and convinced the devs to put a bunch of things back for their comfort zone...but not everything. So now no one's happy.

Comment Re:Google is not ideal (Score 1, Informative) 103

Most big companies are like that. I know a fair amount of people who work there (I live across the street from their Cambridge, MA office). Some love it, the ones that work on the cool stuff, some ran away from it, the ones that worked on the crap project and didnt get an opportunity for internal move.

Same at the company I work for now. My department is pretty amazing and everyone loves it, but with a few thousand engineers in various cities, not everyone gets to work on the cool shit, under the awesome manager who truly gets it. People in some of the other department post the shitty reviews on glassdoor (and I don't blame them, those department suck).

So is life!

Comment Re:Get your resumes ready guys! (Score 1) 400

Man you guys are dense. I live in one of those places, I'm a dev, I'm benefiting from it.

People are constantly whining that companies are hiring offshore or outsourcing. While devs in countries with lower standard of living may not be equivalent, a lot of devs in countries that are equivalent or better, do just as well. So of course jobs are going to be pushed out when companies get in a position where they can do so.

Thats all I'm saying. Regardless of the reasons, from an international standpoint, paying 120-150k for an average (not top tier) developer is stupid if you can just go and open an office in another country. These things take time though, and only the bottom feeders will be affected in the very near future. Until then, you can be sure I'm enjoying the payday.

Comment Re:Get your resumes ready guys! (Score 1) 400

Its mainly the other way around though. Take Cambridge near Boston, specifically Kendall Square.

Housing was relatively normal for a big city. Demand for developers skyrocketed to the point someone straight out of school with no experience, a bad GPA, no internship, nothing, could get 80-90k. Someone with experience could get much, much more.

Everyone starts flocking there. Rent in the area went up 20%+ a year.

Chicken and the egg.

Comment Re:Get your resumes ready guys! (Score 1) 400

As others mentioned, its supply and demand. But most countries don't seem to think paying 120k/year+ for someone that can barely get the job done is reasonable....yet if you live in Cali, MA or NY, its the norm.

Thats what I meant by "insane". Do note that I'm among those benefiting from this, so I'm not complaining. I just think its not very surprising that companies will hire in a different country.

Comment Re:Distribution (Score 1) 214

Its the whole point. Amazon would centralize its operations to avoid taxes. Now, its customers are getting hit by sale taxes ANYWAY. So they're just putting distribution centers all over the place, since they're not gaining anything by keeping them in the middle of nowhere.

With that, comes same day shipping as well as localized warehouses. Those two together is the only thing you need to effectively be able to do groceries.

Comment Re:the big problem I have with Agile (Score 1) 597

The issue is every company, especially small ones, think they're unique little butterflies and are, OH, so TOTALLY different from every other company that does the same damn thing in the same country.

"This will never ever work for us! We're...DIFFERENT!", people at my last job did. Which was completely ridiculous, since the job i had before that was a company that did the same thing, in the same region, with the same profit margin and roughly the same revenu, and the same amount of employees...in the same industry, and they were able to do it just fine (and were, as expected, growing faster).

I currently work for a company that, while officially "waterfall", really does things agile by the book down to a T, at least once IT is involved (the business/marketing side of things spends months planning stuff and writing pretty papers and documents and blah blah...but once IT is involved, its a pure iterative process with a fixed release schedule, every 3 weeks, precisely. Not one day more, not one day less, kanban boards are used by the business to prioritize things and visualize the flow, etc etc etc).

It works beautifully. But then some other company will look at that and be: "nope! We're completely different! we cant do things this way!", and instead keep on with their trainwreck of a process.

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