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Comment Re:*Shudder* (Score 1) 91

While jquery mobile does suck, you can still have meaningful semantic markup while using it, so while the search engine doesn't see exactly the same thing as a user would, it generally is good enough for SEO purpose. Mobile phones also have fairly advanced browsers (at least compared to older browsers), and virtually no one that would be your customer will block scripts on them.

Then there's more advanced systems... On our site we have a full client side (no flash bullshit) wysiwyg editor for customers to design products with. Then we had to take it and make it mobile. What else do you want us to do? Use Flash? put a phone number and ask users to call us and tell us verbally what they want to be made?

Now, for that to work they have to have javascript enabled. If they're going to be required to have scripts enabled anyway, may as well make the site feel a bit more native... And the site still pops up as #1 for countless common search terms, so....

Comment Re:Montreal citizens want a camera (Score 1) 320

So basically you're saying its a typical metro area? And compared to almost all the other metro areas in north america, its dirty cheap, liberal, well maintained and green. Aside a few US states, everywhere has to report $$$ to two levels of governments and the way the credit agencies operate in Canada is far better than in the US.

Wake me up when you can't buy a decent 2 bedroom for 1 million+++ anymore.

Comment Re:Actually that's why we have scientists doing th (Score 1) 656

And depending on the work to do, that may be the right way to do it. But if you're doing a advanced UI/javascript (not tiny silly web pages that anyone can do), the intersection between the people who know enough to do it, and scientists, is extremely close to zero.

I'm not talking about people who THINK they can do both, but those that actually can. We had ONE out of slightly under a thousand engineers where I work, and he recently left to work for Google. They've been trying to replace him for a year or so (he gave a very early notice), and multi-hundred-thousand/year salary or 40-50k referal bonus isn't working.

Its just easier to hire 2 people.

Comment Re:It's so no idiot asks "what's an integral?" (Score 1) 656

Of course, one issue is that so much of software development now is ultra specialized, or involved integration work, design, UI, and more, that you can have someone with a computer science degree for MIT, Cal tech, CMU or any other big CS-y schools, and after a few years they'll be saying "Err...I know what an integral is but....I forgot that at the same time I forgot long divisions".

Thats why a lot of big companies have scientist departments to do the math stuff. The people taking the math stuff and making it useful won't remember how to do math in a few years. They'll be able to google it up to modify existing code, or do trivial stuff in a pinch, but....

Comment Re:If I refer myself (Score 1) 189

They're called signing bonuses. Happens all the time in the big IT markets (in Cali, Mass, NY...)

If you're actually good, take a job in one of the big cities that house the top employers (even if you don't take a job with them...companies in the area have to compete somehow), and don't get a sign on bonus, you're negotiating wrong (or you're not as good as you think you are).

Comment Re:Pointless article. (Score 1) 235

No competitor? hmm? Look around a little. Couches with USB ports in the arms, chairs with sound jacks, tables with eletric and ethernet jacks... They're not exactly common, but they're common enough that random high end european furniture stores in the middle of Boston and NYC have those.

Its not exactly the norm by any mean, but they're common enough that you stumble upon them just walking in a store.

Comment Re:Is the end goal of life a high salary? (Score 1) 368

No, but a LOT of people go to college without any interest in it, and then just pick a random degree because its what everyone is doing. Then hate it, they do poorly, then they can't find a job, and their life sucks.

They went to college not because they wanted to, but because there is a social stigma that you HAVE to.

I was in highschool back when IT wasn't all that big. My grades in every honor classes were off the chart (ok, not in english obviously), and decided to go in IT...not computer science, IT. I went to tech college, not even university.

Everyone around me were like "WTF! You should be a doctor!!"

Fast forward to today, and googling numbers around, as a lead software engineer at a well known company, I make about as much as a family practitioner. Well under what an average doctor makes overall, but since I do no overtime at all and the atmosphere is really laid back, if I divided yearly salaries per hour worked (doctors are generally overworked), i probably easily beat many doctor's salaries.

And I'm happier than if I had gone into a field I didn't like that everyone was pushing me into doing, just because it "looked better"

This is basically what the article is saying. Do go to college just because thats what everyone is doing.

Flipping burgers with a liberal art degree sucks.

Comment Actual coding, no. Knowing the basics, yes. (Score 4, Insightful) 339

Everyone should know at least the basics of what is part of our daily lives.

Everyone should know how to read and write, even if they're not professional authors (and, like me, are pretty bad at it in general)

Everyone should know basic math, even if they never use it, at least to be able to calculate tip at the restaurant and be able to read their tax report.

Everyone should know enough biology to be able to make a basic informed decision when discussing a problem with their doctor or dentist.

Everyone should know at least basic economics and finance, so that they can at least understand the graphs on their 401k.

And.....everyone should know at least the very very very elementary basics of programming, as it is now part of our everyday lives. No need to know python and APIs or how to compile a linux kernel. Know just enough to understand what a conditional and a loop statement is, why software can crash, and why a single programmer cannot write an entire ERP suite in 2 weeks by themselves.

Comment Re:VM's (Score 1) 614

Why does the client side need the VM? It needs access to the VM.

I worked for a ton of companies that virtualized things like IE6 when dealing with legacy garbage. You just click on a link, the application is executed remotely, and on the client all you get is the window (XWindow-style... Windows Server supports that native now. Before that people used Citrix or whatever else they wanted. There was a bunch).

Works quite well too. Its not ideal, but it "works".

Comment Re:Wait a second (Score 1) 260

It only works for top 1% hiring companies...the ones that everyone want to work for (sometimes they're mislead to want to, but hey, supply and demand doesn't always involve rational decisions). The kind of company that has to filter out hundreds or thousands of resumes because they're that popular.

If you're not one of those, then it won't work

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