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Comment FL - Deerfield Beach waiting game. (Score 1) 821

Coconut Creek.

- Park on grass near school.
- Line wrapped a quarter of the way around the building from the entrance at 9:20 AM.
- Nice shade from trees, so the umbrella I brought was not necessary.
- Noticed one Republican and one Democrat and one Teacher hand out flyers for themselves occasionally to the line, which is a NO-NO.
- Outside wait was not bad, maybe 20 minutes; chatted with folks, didn't really discuss which way I was voting.
- Saw two neighbors exit building at different times; gave one a fist bump.
- Got inside and showed Driver's License.
- Turn off phones.
- Gave License to lady to swipe; she found my record, directed me to wait in another line for my district (9).
- Had to wait 10 minutes for papers because (1) man in front of me couldn't figure out what he wanted from life (2) when I got to the desk, they had run out of privacy folders and had run to the machine in the back to retrieve more. Pollsters complained that there were not enough privacy folders. Honestly, you can't read the page from 3 feet away to see where I marked the circle, so I didn't care.
- While waiting, noticed training papers on how to fill in the circle; had George Washington vs. Abraham Lincoln as candidates.
- Saw another neighbor on LONG line with filled out papers waiting to put them into the feeder machine.
- Got papers, but had to find my own privacy booth; found one without help from pollsters on second aisle.
- Found a Democrat blue book someone left in the privacy booth; used it to answer one question, otherwise filled out the rest. Marked the wrong candidate with "Bob" nickname, so both candidates with "Bob" nicknames got my vote. Propose ban on nicknames.
- Finished up after locating all YES/NO circles for all 10 amendments.
- Got in line with filled out papers. Neighbor on line was 12 in front of me. That means this is a slow line.
- Waited in line.
- Started up chatter with others in line, made jokes about how I pretended to be a completely different person on a survey the prior day (true experience).
- Waited in line.
- Found out one person's husband is too lazy to vote today, but would have voted for the other candidate anyway, so glad he stayed home.
- Waited in line.
- Approached by child of ANOTHER neighbor who is 60% up the line; chatted for a bit, waved hi and gave the double thumbs-up.
- Waited in line and chatted with nearby people. Discussed another survey earlier in year where I was asked who I'd vote for between Rick Scott and a ham sandwich (true experience).
- Waited in line.
- Neighbor gets near front of line; I loudly call child over to me. When she arrives, I loudly ask her to see if her mom would let me cut in front of her. Entire line laughs. Nice to ease up the tense crowd.
- Waited in line.
- Waited in line.
- Get near the front; see one machine for district 9 and one for district 14. Process is, feed one paper in. Wait 10 seconds. Repeat. 5 papers per person. If you screw up, wait for 20 seconds worth of uninterruptible beeps from machine.
- Watch as 2 people screw it up with beeps, but eventually feed in.
- Fed in my papers correctly.
- Get my sticker.
- Leave.
- Run into friends in exterior line; line now stretches 1/2 way around building; I warn them about interior line.
- Get into the car and leave.
- 2 machines to process all these people. Conclude voting Rick Scott out of office as soon as possible is the next course of action.

Comment RoboRally (Score 4, Interesting) 246

RoboRally, if you can get it!

Richard Garfield, creator of Magic the Gathering, didn't win awards for it for nothing.

Race your robot against your opponents to get to the goal first. Program your robot figurine for each round selecting and ordering basic movement cards (forward, forward x2, backwards, turn left, right, u-turn) using a larger set. If you are damaged, your set of cards to choose from reduces until your registers you've programmed lock into place. Teaches how to think ahead and very basic programming skills. My five-year-old has been slowly learning how to play by laying out cards in order and having me beep-boop the robot into horrible predicaments he programs out. After two games, he seems to have gotten the hang of it and is able to guide the bot to the goal without falling into pits. Soon he will be up against me and my lasers; then he'll know true pain.
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Journal Journal: Rerouting Continental Rainfall to solve Drought problems 2

I live in South Florida, where it can rain several times a day, yet it feels as though none of this water is captured for consumption or usage elsewhere, and the news is always reporting Lake Okeechobee to be at perpetually low levels. I recently visited some midwestern US states during the current drought and thought if we could somehow reroute this seeming overabundance of rainfall northward, it could be put to some use. My mind wandered to some sort of large water pipe system, possibly bu

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