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Comment Re:Obligatory (Score 1) 242

Most of the beneficial effects of cannabis come from the cannabinoids and not THC. You aren't going to be able to use that synthetic stuff for any muscular or nervous disorders and forget about using it for glaucoma. Synthetic THC does not have the same medical benefits, performs poorer for the things it can be used for, and has side-effects that cannabis doesn't, and as others have mentionned it can kill, and is physically addictive and causes withdrawal symptoms.

An interesting side-note about addictions. Most drugs are not physically addictive in their unaltered natural form but become so when you isolate one part. Unsure about opium as can't find any studies done on pure opium and not it's derivatives. Note physical addiction is not the same as mental addiction. Canabis can be mentally addictive but so can food, sex, etc...

The person who commented that cannabis sativa looks very different from cannabis indica is missing the point that both have high THC strains (pure sativas more in the mountains of the east and mexico, while indica mainly confined to middle east, hot lowlands), while hemp is grown strictly from cannabis sativa.

The real reason you can't hide hemp amongst marijuana is planting density. Spindly sativas grown for marijuana will spread out and consume up to 25 sqft for one plant. When you plant for fiber densities can reach 100 plants per sqft as you want to reduce any lateral growth and strictly encourage vertical growth as it's the long bast fibers that are used. There's absolutely no way someone can confuse the two.

Comment Re:Sad (Score 1) 901

I'm mexican and so are all my ancestors since there's been a Mexico, i'm pretty sure i understand the culture.

Computer courses here do not compare to anything given in the states or canada, unless you go to a very expensive internationally recognized University which a huge section of the population can't even dream to afford.

Comment Re:Sad (Score 1) 901

I'm pretty sure that the mexican government would not go for linux regardless of what any other country does. First, no kickbacks, and second, how do you skim money from support services when there aren't any support services and third, all the computer geeks/nerds i've met here are far behind in terms of education and hacking skills.

Though it would make a lot of sense since all the computers i've seen in governement offices are ancient things and look basically just like terminals, something Linux would be excellent for.

I've often thought of working in the government to help introduce change, but seeing how 'American' everything is here i won't give up my Canadian citizenship to bang my head against a wall.

Besides, the whole free thing hardly means anything here when everybody just pirates things. Still puzzled why there's always police at the tianguis yet they do nothing to the ~12 stands of pirated movies/video games/music. I'm a little too afraid of what would happen if i asked them.

Comment Re:Unfortunately they do (Score 1) 744

I agree with you. However, i sense a certain amount of unecessary vehemence in your words. i could be wrong, text and all that, or it could be an issue very dear to your heart. In which case, i hope those you love and hold dearly haven't been affected by the naive ignorance of the crazies of the church world.

After all, i understand as some one who had been called 'son of satan' since i was about 7 to 18 just because some kids claimed to have seen me levitating on certain occassions during my meditations.

Comment Re:Hate meets hate? (Score 1) 744

Could be, could be, though the bible leaves the return of christ open for such an interpretation.

In the return, the Christ (translation Messiah, no, it's not Jesus' last name) comes not as the lamb but as the lion, and justice will be meted out by his right hand (the hand of aggression) carrying a sword.

Of course, that can always be interpreted that the returning Christ was Mohammed and we are in the midst of seeing the conflict between those who follow more strictly the teachings, and not the church which wrote a new set of rules and threw out all the old ones.

May we live in interesting times.

BTW, i belong to no religion. I do find it important to keep on eye out for what all the religions are doing (including the religion of science) because there are always wackos who will go to extremes, and regardless of whether i believe, THEY believe, and that's all that's needed to make it 'true'(self-fulfilling prophecies and what-not).

Comment Re:Unfortunately they do (Score 2) 744

Actually, the bible doesn't say sodomy is against god's will. It says that God considers it a SIN. The original definition of sin was not that the act was evil (evil being an invention by the church as well as the personification of 'enemy'[satan] into the devil) but that the act could lead to undesirable effects.

Comment Re:This is a republican distraction technique (Score 1) 208

Someone mod parent up. There has always been some big hoopla story after any news of how the conservatives are raping and pillaging canada.

I actually got so disappointed by my fellow canadians allowing such bullshit to go on that i left the country.

Canadians may have a lot of heart and lay down their lives to protect freedom in every war out there (almost, so damn proud of Chretien basically telling Bush to shove his "you're either with us or against us" where the sun don't shine over Iraq), but they're also extremely naive and stupid when someone tells them to bend over you're going to enjoy this (basically all natural resource exports to the US)

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