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Comment Re:I dont want to drag anything. (Score 1) 797

Right, virtual desktops. Personally never liked those things and don't use them, hence the reason for writing my own :) My view manager has workspaces which are a collection of tasks. Tasks can have different views on different workspaces, e.g. media player only displays scrolling song title/tags on most workspaces but shows albums, lyrics, equalizer, etc... on media workspace which can also be accessed just by clicking/touching a media view on any workspace

Well, minimize buttons could be added in my framework, but i know i won't do it, i don't even like title bars stealing my real estate. :) I kinda of like alt-tab to switch between workspaces (internet, coding, media, etc...) or just swiping the screen when in tablet mode to flip through them.

Comment Re:I dont want to drag anything. (Score 1) 797

Just out of curiousity, do you actually use the minimize icon? Or do you use one of the key-combinations? Remember we're talking about the icons here, you can still hide windows. Second, why do you use minimize?

Personally, i'm all about choice which is why i'm writing my own window manager that can be customized however anybody want's it, using whatever keystrokes, mouse event, or gesture, which is why i'd be interested in why you use minimize.

Comment Re:I dont want to drag anything. (Score 1) 797

Spoken like a true AC, drivel based on nothing.

What i said has nothing to do with Gnome, but how to use any windowmanager. You do know they are there to actually MANAGE windows right? If you don't know how to set it up so windows start where you want them and in the state you want them, then you're probably a windows user no? Why minimize something (except to look at the pretty graphics) when you can more quickly alt-tab it away? If it's a problem because you have multiple windows occupying the screen, learn how to organize your information into desktops. This is just complaining by people that haven't learned how to use the new abstractions and are caught in windows 3.1 stage.

Comment Re:So who is he really? (Score 1) 586

but this won't happen because then we'll get to see what cops do.

From someone being on the receiving end of their activities and seeing it occur to my coloured friends, take my word they won't ever let this happen.

P.S. it doesn't matter that the police in my area discriminated using ethnicity and language, there is always something to discriminate upon.

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