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Comment Re:To immediately Godwin the poll... (Score 1) 1270

Wow. That's a very skewed view of history. The first scientists were Christian? There are quite a few Greeks and Romans, among others, who would dispute that if they were alive.

Jesus didn't invent religion, but he changed it. Before him, sin was a death sentence followed by eternal hell. After him, your sins are paid for and your death is temporary.

What? Hell is a largely Christian idea. Many other religions, including ones that predate it, don't have one. For example, Judaism.

Comment Re:How secure (Score 2, Insightful) 491

The value of gold has not remained fixed either. It is subject to supply and demand like any other commodity. The cost to extract it is only the supply side of that equation. The demand side can fluctuate wildly. The price of gold has gone both up and down when measured in fiat currencies.

Comment Re:I try not to fly, I let the train take the stra (Score 1) 365

I took a sleeper from Lausanne to Rome last year, though I think it was run by the Italians. The car was a bit old, but very comfortable with a nice helpful steward and not losing a day traveling was worth a ton since I only have so many days in my vacation.

TGV from Paris to Lausanne was pretty cool too. I liked how you could hear the warp drive start up when you got to the city limits.

Comment Re:I agree. (Score 2, Interesting) 233

The problem is in the first statement. You don't understand.

This is some RTS game on a limited map. In an active engagement, US troops are more than a match for insurgents. But when the enemy can hide anywhere and more anywhere, you must defend everywhere. You need a force that can counter them anywhere they might appear. Hence, you need a much bigger force.

Comment Re:Middle ground (Score 2) 204

Personally I liked the Lost Levels a lot. But only in the setting of All Stars where you got a couple extra lives and could save. That made for a good challenge and balance. If I had the original 3 lives and start over version, it probably would have gotten smashed to bits.

Comment Re:Safety Critical (Score 1) 913

Also, at least on a 2005-ish era Toyota Prius, you can not shut off the headlights by shutting off the engine. I believe there is a law that prevents manufacturers from selling a car where the lights are shut off when the engine shuts off, probably to make the totally made up GP post scenario possible.

2010 Subaru Impreza. Turn the car off and the headlights shut off.

Comment Re:Sure about that? (Score 1) 1146

Any chance that this is actually something intentionally designed?

My wife drives an 05 Mini Cooper with the CVT. As you depress the gas the car smoothly accelerates until you get near the floor. At that point you can feel it click past a little switch and the CVT will down shift to take you to just below redline.

This is obviously not the same car or design, but something similar that a driver was unaware of could seem like a random acceleration.

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