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Comment Re:Sure about that? (Score 1) 1146

Any chance that this is actually something intentionally designed?

My wife drives an 05 Mini Cooper with the CVT. As you depress the gas the car smoothly accelerates until you get near the floor. At that point you can feel it click past a little switch and the CVT will down shift to take you to just below redline.

This is obviously not the same car or design, but something similar that a driver was unaware of could seem like a random acceleration.

Comment Re:Missing Option (Score 1) 452

May not be quite what you're looking for and pretty old now, but the Combat Mission games used a hybrid system. Both players issue orders to their units and then the computer executes one minute of action before pausing to allow issuing another batch of orders. Units try to follow those orders, but will react to what happens during the minute of action. So if you order a squad to run across a field and 30 seconds in they start taking heavy fire, they may go for cover instead of following the original order.


Comment Re:I live in the southwest US (Score 1) 487

They clearly had vinyl siding, which one would not use over brick and mortar.

Correction. Which one should not use over brick and mortar. I live in an old (by American standards, >100 years) section of Baltimore that's entirely brick and mortar row houses a few of which have vinyl siding. And, yes, it is the ugliest thing you've ever seen.

Comment Re:Article mentions Baltimore (Score 1) 806

Why live in Baltimore when you can live in Columbia and have access to the jobs of Washington DC as well as Baltimore?

Because Columbia is a suburban hell hole? I live in Baltimore and work in Columbia. I'd never move there. The city still has a lot to offer. Dozens of restaurants, pubs, and shops within walking distance with nearly infinite variety because very few are chains.

But a lot of the rest of your post isn't far off the mark. There are large swaths of the city that I wouldn't ever consider living in. And should I ever have kids, the school system would probably force me to move out of the city proper.

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