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Comment Re:Boggle (Score 4, Interesting) 909

No, we here in the Colonies aren't using the Imperial system. The Imperial system was standardized in the early 19th century. We aren't that up to date. We use a variation of the British system that preceded the Imperial system. For instance, the Imperial system uses a gallon that was defined in 1824, while the US gallon is the Queen Anne's Wine Gallon of 1707.

Comment Re:Thoughts from my great uncles and aunts... (Score 1) 567

Some people will need to see mass starvation from massive failures of overspecialized crops before they realize there is a problem. Just as some people won't believe there is global warming problem until the Washington DC K Street lobbyists offices get flooded and they tell their bought and paid for politicians that it's real.

Comment Re:Scam people out of their life savings (Score 1) 388

In a Corporatocricy such as the US, committing a crime against a corporation is like committing a crime against the King in a monarchy. We are just seeing the start of this. In the eyes of our corporate overlords and their bought and paid for legislators and judges, this was a fitting punishment.

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