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Comment Re:Dashcams (Score 2) 253

And - it has regrettably to be said - in a culture full of batshit-insane drivers.

No joke. There are some pretty crazy Russian dashcam/streetcam compilations on Youtube. (0:55). (2:52, 8:30) (11:02)

It seems to be a combination of driving too fast for conditions (and/or bald tires) and assuming everyone else will jump the hell out of your way.

Comment Re:Yelp should idemnify her (Score 5, Informative) 424

Just found the actual comment she left via the Daily Mail:

This is the text of Perez's original review posted on Angie's List in August 2012.

Overall: F

Price: F

Quality: F

Responsiveness: F

Punctuality: F

Professionalism: F

Description Of Work: Dietz Development was to perform: painting, refinish floors, electrical, plumbing and handyman work. I was instead left with damage to my home and work that had to be reaccomplished for thousands more than originally estimated.

Member comments: My home was damaged' the "work" had to be re-accomplished; and Dietz tried to sue me for "monies due for his "work." I won in summary judgement (meaning that his case had no merit). Despite his claims, Dietz was/is not licensed to perform work in the state of VA. Further, he invoiced me for work not even performed and also sued me for work not even performed. Today (six months later) he just showed up at my door and '"wanted to talk to me." I said that I "didn't want to talk to him," closed the door , and called the police. (The police said his reason was that he had a "lien on my house"; however this "lien" was made null and void the day I won the case according to the court.) This is after filing my first ever police report when I found my jewelry missing and Dietz was the only one with a key. Bottom line do not put yourself through this nightmare of a contractor.

If that kind of review is worth $750,000 in damages then the Internet is boned. I thought the RIAA's damage calculations were bad -- There must be a trillion dollars worth of "harmful" reviews for places on Google Maps alone!

Comment Re:Yelp should idemnify her (Score 3, Interesting) 424

If posting to Yelp is a huge financial risk, the site will quickly die.

Sadly, it looks like they're going the other way.

Here's the Yelp page for Dietz Development. Look at the reviews and you can see that Yelp has been censoring them pretty heavily. All of them are from the last day or two and the review in question has been removed.

This was a great opportunity for Yelp to stand up for consumer rights and freedoms, but instead they've stuck their head in the sand. Even if they'd put a notice at the top of her review saying that "the statements here are not those of Yelp's, blah blah blah lawyer speak" that would have been fine. However, they've shown they have no backbone and won't stand behind their users.

What if Slashdot editors deleted comments anytime somebody looked at them wrong; what effect would that have on the quantity and quality of the discussion here? There's only been a tiny handful of times that a comment here has been censored -- hopefully it stays that way.

I've never used Yelp before because I wasn't real familiar with them. Now that I am I'll never use them in the future.

Comment Re:Still no Retina support for OS X (Score 0, Troll) 137

It's okay, the whole point of their fast release cycle is that you'll probably see that feature within the next 6 weeks rather than in 6 months from now. Idiots who don't understand the version system will whine about it, but that's a very tangible benefit of releasing more often.

And you know, if the rapid updates were just to fix bugs and improve performance, I doubt anyone would really care how fast versions came out. The problem is that with every release they feel the need to dick around with the user interface as well.

Look what's included in 17:

  • Some frakking stupid built-in "Social API" bullshit. Why the hell do I need Facebook and Twitter embedded in my browser? I intentionally block both of them on webpages, and now I have to deal with them being an integrated part of the software? I genuinely DO NOT understand this -- I thought the WHOLE POINT of the addon system was for adding things like this. Nowadays the Firefox addon ecosystem seems more focused on removing things from the browser. What. The. Hell.
  • Just what we need: Bigger icons!. Let's display less information and take up valuable vertical screen space (which they whine about so much as excuses to get rid of the status and tab bars).

I think Mozilla would face much less resistance to their new update model if they would release fixes and performance updates automatically, but hold off making poorly thought-out UI changes except for on a 6-12 month cycle.

Or, better yet, drop the stupid UI changes all together.

Comment Re:Apple devices? (Score 5, Informative) 288

What the hell Slashdot? You have to love a nerd news site that can't handle posting a tiny bit of code without frakking it all up. Screw Unicode support -- can we get some decent ASCII support sometime this decade?

Try again with some manual editing to make it fail a little less.

/*snowLeopard url*/
var slURL = "";

/* non-snowLeopard url*/
var nonSlURL = '';

/*Windows url*/
var windowsURL = '';

/*iphone url */
var iphoneURL = "";

/*ipad url*/
var ipadURL = "";

var voiceOver = "";

var requirements = "Live streaming video requires Safari 4 or later on Mac OS X v10.6 or later; Safari on iOS 4.2 or later. Streaming via Apple TV requires second- or third-generation Apple TV with software 5.0.2 or later.";

var refreshPage = false;

Comment Re:Apple devices? (Score 3, Informative) 288

If you go look at the source of this Javascript in an auto-refreshing IFRAME, you'll see

/*snowLeopard url*/
var slURL = ""; /* non-snowLeopard url*/
var nonSlURL = ''; /*Windows url*/
var windowsURL = ''; /*iphone url */
var iphoneURL = ""; /*ipad url*/
var ipadURL = ""; /*voip*/
var voiceOver = ""; /*requirements*/
var requirements = "Live streaming video requires Safari 4 or later on Mac OS X v10.6 or later; Safari on iOS 4.2 or later. Streaming via Apple TV requires second- or third-generation Apple TV with software 5.0.2 or later."; /*refreshPage*/
var refreshPage = false;

My VLC can play the first link (labeled Snow Leopard), for a little while, but drops the stream.

The "checkback" links all seem to indicate they are either not streaming live to non-Apple devices, or they ran into a "problem" and will start it later.

Comment Re:This is what Microsoft wants (Score 1) 244

THQ ruined the Sup Com series by trying

Your main point is right, but THQ really ruined the SupCom series with Supreme Commander 2. A dumbed-down version of Starcraft was not at all what players and fans of the first game wanted.

Any time you start changing things to cater to the lowest denominator you ruin whatever you started with.

Comment Re:Where Are Today's Hobbyists? (Score 1) 612

Wow! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer so many questions already. Slashdot interviews are normally something of a joke -- we submit hundreds of questions which are then filtered and 10 of which chosen by the staff/editors/corporate overlords; the questions are sent to the interviewee and ignored for two months, and then we finally get some watered-down responses, all of which were run past and cleaned up by some HR/PR drones. What comes out the other end is usually boring and not worth the effort required to read.

Your quick, open, and honest responses are fascinating and a lot of fun to read. Thank you again!

I think all future Slashdot interviews should be done like this (give the subject an account and let them answer), or not at all.

Comment Re:Easy to prove or disprove (Score 1) 484

Well -- actually I do have one complaint: There's no 'minimize to tray' type function (at least not that I've found) so it's always taking up space on my taskbar...but otherwise, no complaints.

If it's a newer version of Outlook, try right-clicking the tray icon that appears when Outlook is running and select "Hide when minimized". That will minimize it to the tray (though YMMV depending on your Windows 7 taskbar settings).

If it's an older version, there's a registry setting that controls the behavior instead.

Comment Re:I will sell you this solution already debugged! (Score 4, Interesting) 167

Because it will be trivial for a spammer to check his posts from another account?

I remember reading an article on Joel on Software some time ago that talks about this kind of approach. The difference was that instead of only showing those posts to the spammer/troll's account, they were also shown to that poster's /8 or /16 subnet (or something like that). This goes far in solving the problem for multiple accounts (but still fails for proxy servers).

The downside is that the troll's "local Internet" sees the spam/troll, but the greater Internet doesn't. It always seemed like a good tradeoff to me.

Wish I could find the article now, but not having any luck.

Comment Re:The past sucked - time to admit it (Score 2) 382

Disagree. You do not have a right to fly or be at an airport. Just like driving, flying is a privilege. IMO this is settled case law. Its an administrative search, and I prefer my planes bomb free. Don't like it, don;t fly.

This is completely false , and I'm tired of people parroting it, as if we should be on our knees, grateful that the TSA allows us passage through their holy halls.

(a) Sovereignty and Public Right of Transit. - (1) The United
States Government has exclusive sovereignty of airspace of the
United States.
(2) A citizen of the United States has a public right of transit
through the navigable airspace. To further that right, the
Secretary of Transportation shall consult with the Architectural
and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board established under
section 502 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (29 U.S.C. 792)
before prescribing a regulation or issuing an order or procedure
that will have a significant impact on the accessibility of
commercial airports or commercial air transportation for
handicapped individuals.

Comment Re:Just use Postgresql (Score 2) 336


That's because MySQL Workbench is an abortion that never should have been released. It's also why a large majority of users and admins still use the last release of Query Browser and Server Administrator to interact with MySQL servers, even if the new features aren't supported.

I tried using Workbench for a full day of SQL dev work before throwing in the towel. I've read others say that "you get used to it", but I'd also probably get used to losing 2 fingers from each hand -- it doesn't mean I want to. It's slower, less intuitive, and makes it more difficult to accomplish simple tasks.

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