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Comment Re:Unexpected benefits (Score 1) 343

I don't think Apple has pulled the app either...
But feel free to inform us if they did. (with proof.)

To all you _______ users, no drunk person will think to avoid crashing into you just because you have _________ on your back window. If they are drunk they will be making stupid decisions regardless of whether or not there's an app for that.

Stupid people are going to do stupid things regardless.

For all you Apple and Android Lovers... To each their own. Being mad at a group that likes something different than you is dumb. But more and more I see both sides saying, "Yours sucks because of X." I thought the, "I like mine better because of X." Was MUCH more informative. But hey name calling is so much easier to do.

Comment Re:Better solution for Mac than TrueCrypt- File Va (Score 1) 218

So ... to recover, you put the disk in a new / different Mac, create an account with the same passphrase, and then log in?

You don't have to create an account with the same passphrase.
Like blueg3 said, you just take the sparse bundle (Disk image) and mount on another Mac. When you go to mount it, it will ask for the username and password that created it.

Comment Well hidden slashvertisement? (Score 3, Interesting) 299

If you read the article aside from the summary leaving out iOS this is all really an advertisement to sell you a product from OpenLogic called OpenLogic Exchange (OLEX).

This product will certify your source code is compliant after it scans it...

Comment Re:You can't free someone who doesn't want to be f (Score 1) 353

Difference being, you are free to leave that denomination and many do. It is apostasy in Islam to leave...and the majority (read almost all) middle eastern countries have that particular infraction punishable by death.

Thank you! I have learned a new word today!

/pstsi/ [uh-pos-tuh-see]
–noun, plural -sies.
a total desertion of or departure from one's religion, principles, party, cause, etc.

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