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Comment Re:We need better / quicker schooling / training (Score 2) 586

Economically that could work. Except for the coming resource and energy shortages.

Unfortunately, if you look at communities where this is already done (any community with a very high welfare rate, such as native reservations), the social problems that it causes are hard to overlook.

Ultimately people need meaning in their lives and getting everything for free doesn't fill that. They need to do meaningful work.

Comment Re:inequality (Score 1) 1063

I see that claim all the time, that healthier food is more expensive, but you know, it's just not true. Healthy food is actually pretty cheap, certainly when compared to any fast food or factory packaged crap. I guess if you only eat potato chips, then maybe.

It takes time and effort to prepare and doesn't taste as good as junk food, though. And that's why people eat the crap.

Comment Re:Does *any* industry start a new union anymore? (Score 2, Insightful) 761

You're already paying for that. You don't think it really costs thousands of dollars a day to stay in a hospital, do you? Of course not. Your insurance pays that so that the hospital can afford to treat everyone without insurance who walks in the door, which they are forced to do by the government.

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