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Comment Re:Does *any* industry start a new union anymore? (Score 2, Insightful) 761

You're already paying for that. You don't think it really costs thousands of dollars a day to stay in a hospital, do you? Of course not. Your insurance pays that so that the hospital can afford to treat everyone without insurance who walks in the door, which they are forced to do by the government.

Comment Re:Wait a second there hypocritical one.. (Score 1) 1218

There are a number of promising theories as to how life could have begun on earth. I'm fairly certain we will eventually discover at least one way that works to allow basic replicators, that pass information between generations in a way that allows them to evolve, to arise.

As to what created "everything". Well, that is a mystery. And one I hope we can solve, because that might give us a nice way out from entropy. But attributing it to God doesn't actually answer the question. Because God also would then need to be created somehow.

Comment Re:Wait a second there hypocritical one.. (Score 1) 1218

I realize arguing with you is pointless. However,

What I am saying is that there is no other "theory", in the scientific sense, that explains all of life. Evolution explains everything.

I have no trouble saying to people who don't get that that they are wrong. Entrusting one's belief system to stories created by bronze-age peasants is not a valid way to describe the world.

I can't help that people find comfort in those stories and wish to cling to their beliefs. I fully understand why they do so. Those beliefs give them comfort in the face of their mortality. It doesn't make the beliefs valid, however, without incredible evidence that simply does not exist.

Comment Re:Be smug. Cue the "stupid hillbilly" lines (Score 1) 1218

Nobody blames Bush for the .com or the housing bubble

He certainly had a hand in the housing bubble. He failed to oversee the Fed. And his administration actively fought States in the courts who were trying to prevent big banks from exploiting their citizens with subprime and ALT-A mortgage offerings.

Comment Re:Wait a second there hypocritical one.. (Score 1) 1218

There are no alternate scientific theories to evolution. So there's nothing else to teach. Evolution is it. It's how life developed. Every single species on the planet, along with every fossil of an extinct species, is a sample of evolution.

The debates in science are more along the lines of 'hmm, I wonder if animals are more closely related to fungus or plants, and does any recent work help clear up when and how we diverged'. And of course, trying to figure out how the very first replicators got going to kick the whole process off. But there are several possible theories for that too. None of which include 'god did it'.

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