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Comment Re:Welp (Score 2) 228

The thing about the Saudis is that their population has grown from a few million to around 30 million in like 60 years, all funded by oil wealth.

They also know that the oil will eventually run out. They sort of want to find some way of feeding everyone after they have nothing left to trade for food.

I kind of think they're screwed, but they at least are looking forward to the future and trying to do something to avoid the cliff.

The water problem is a population problem, globally. Egypt had a stable population of between 2.5 and 5 million people for thousands of years. Now they're closing in on 90 million.

Comment Re:We need better / quicker schooling / training (Score 2) 586

Economically that could work. Except for the coming resource and energy shortages.

Unfortunately, if you look at communities where this is already done (any community with a very high welfare rate, such as native reservations), the social problems that it causes are hard to overlook.

Ultimately people need meaning in their lives and getting everything for free doesn't fill that. They need to do meaningful work.

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