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Comment Re:Their choice (Score 1) 764

Oh, for God's sake. Mention "censorship" and bring out the etymology nazis...

If what Amazon is doing - refusing to sell something because they object to it on a moral basis - what is it? What word defines that act? "Amazon Private-company-selling-whatever-legal-products-they-wish Expands" isn't a very snappy title, after all. Neither is "Amazon Doing-something-that-is-unworthy-of-discussion-because-amazon-is-not-the-government-and-their-actions-are-not-covered-by-the-first-amendment Expands". "Censorship" is the best word we've got to describe that act, so until we can agree on a better word, we'll continue using it. Now can you please stop jamming up the entire fscking comments section with 500 repeats of "They're a private company!" every time we talk try to bring corporate censorship to the attention of people who do care?

Comment Re:Question, adjusted, remains (Score 1) 866

Wait wait wait... are you trying to say that food, shelter, clothes & utilities stimulate the economy better than cars, houses and jets (or even drugs)? Either way somebody's paying somebody else to do something. Cars, houses, jets and even drugs are actually better economy stimulators because the profit margin is higher.

Comment Re:Le sigh (Score 1) 602

I'm disappointingly unsurprised that I'm only 10% of the way through the comments, and I've already seen this exchange:

Pojut: if you show a titty, you face a big fine

Anonymous Coward: you're in favour [sic] of porn during kid's prime time

If somebody makes a good point, indignantly insist that he said something else. American debate at its finest.

Comment Re:Question: (Score 1) 326

You mean, you were there, and you personally saw it happen? If not, then all you know is that an accusation was made... and the employer/school/etc. did whatever it took to cover it up. In other words, you're doing EXACTLY what he said the problem is, which explains why the employer/school/etc. has to do whatever it takes to cover it up - because you (and 75% of the rest of the world) immediately presume guilt.

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