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Comment Re:It's not about how much it costs to make (Score 3, Insightful) 110

So the accelerometer set up you propose would cost about the same as the wiimote only they'd have to build it from scratch and write some software for it? Plus, why would you want to process the data on board? You're not doing anything with it immediately. I see your point about the camera though. What res are wiimote cameras?

Comment Re:my son did this... (Score 1) 249

Not really anymore. I don't know about the Abrahms but we've only lost one Challenger 2 and that was to FF from another Challenger 2. One near Basra took ~70 RPG hits and only sustained fairly minor damage. If I had to be sent to Iraq I'd take being a tank jockey over wandering around as a foot soldier any day.

Comment Good job this guys an asshole (Score 1) 543

It's lucky in one sense that this guy was just an immature asshole. He's obviously pretty good at manipulating people over the phone. He could probably have got away with some more high impact crimes. Luckily now he's just going to go to jail for some relatively minor stuff.

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