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Comment Re:Babylon 5 (Score 1) 409

I think that you might be able to hear shots in space - your own, as they were activated and the operational noise vibrated throughout your own ship. Additionally, I think that a good combat space fighter might have a computer that would provide some audible feedback about the environment - and create vectored sound to alert the pilot of passing ships. It might even provide alerts when enemy ships fired in his general direction. It's not too far fetched - many cars emit audible tones when in reverse and something gets too close to the rear bumper.

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 293

No is right.

Here in Texas, we have a hog problem. They're everywhere - destroying crops, terrorizing communities, and killing livestock. It's open season; see a hog - shoot it, plain and simple. Texas isn't alone, much of the south is facing the same threat.

If you want some bacon - come and get it. Make some sausage while you're at it - it's a good bacon alternative.

Comment Re:We need more DEVELOPERS! (Score 4, Insightful) 202

I disagree.... It begins much earlier than that. For me, it started with Lego and Erector sets.

Development is my adult version of Lego. The main difference being that with Lego, you must to plan for the pieces you have - with development - you just make the pieces you don't have.

Of course, I still play with Lego.

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