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Comment Re:Yay, time for finger pointing (Score 1) 201

And how do you keep the connectors from being miswired?

By making them asymmetrical. USB is a good example. You cannot insert it upside down, and the device and host have different connectors. To connect USB wrong would require malicious intent rather than mere passive stupidity. The only time I have seen people screw it up is when they have non-standard connectors, like Apple's original iPhone connector (which Apple has now improved).

Magical thinking and 20/20 hindsight?

No, foresight and good engineering. Any engineer designing safety critical systems should be thinking: I there any way a poor trained, apathetic, low IQ, sleep deprived, color blind technician, who had an argument with his wife last night, just got chewed out by his supervisor, and is working a a cold dim hanger with gloves on, could screw this up?

Comment Re:Sounds like a good idea to me (Score 4, Informative) 284

Engineering food to not reproduce just seems like a poor idea to me.

Too late. We have already been doing it for centuries. Visit any grocery store and you will see seedless grapes, seedless watermelons, navel oranges, seedless banana, etc. I doubt if many American or Europeans have ever seen a banana with seeds.

Comment Re:I Can't Believe This (Score 2) 284

I think the case will go to Monsanto

Perhaps. But then why is the Supreme Court hearing the case? All of the lower courts ruled in Monsanto's favor, so there are no conflicting rulings. If SCOTUS wanted the lower court ruling to stand, they could have just refused to hear the appeal. I would not be surprised by a ruling either way.

Comment Re:It's not a matter of heavy metals (Score 1) 223

... the drop in violent crime over the years seems to coincide with the legalization of abortions.

Furthermore, a number of states legalized abortion prior to the 1973 Roe-vs-Wade decision that legalized it throughout the USA, and their crime rates began to drop earlier than the states that legalized it later.

But the lead theory has some strong evidence as well, and is probably a contributing factor. The CDC has found a strong correlation between blood lead levels and poverty, and between lead and low IQ. Low IQ is very strongly correlated with being convicted of a crime, especially violent crime.

Comment Re:Reversed in America? (Score 1) 758

America needs to wake up and understand that there are other election systems out there.

Sure there are. But there is little evidence that those other electoral systems lead to better government. Israel uses proportional voting, and the result is kooky fringe parties that play "king-maker" to have disproportionate influence. Japan and Italy have electoral systems that have led to decades of dysfunctional governments while their economies have stagnated. Parliamentary systems usually result in strong political parties and politicians more beholden to those parties than to their constituents.

So instead of just complaining about America's electoral system, can you point to an alternative system that has actually led to a better governed society?

Comment Re:Google is the new phone book (Score 1) 105

Monitoring is necessary just to ensure that it's being used to lookup counsel and not just to hang out on Facebook.

Why is this "necessary"? There is nothing illegal about "hanging out on facebook." If that is what a detainee wants to do with his time, so what?

When I was in the holding cell, there were no restrictions whatsoever on who I could call, or what I could say. I was there for four hours, but other than that there were no limits on how long I could talk. Most guys were using the phones to call their GFs and apologizing for getting drunk and beating them up. How would it be any different if they did that on Facebook?

Comment Re:Google is the new phone book (Score 4, Interesting) 105

I'm not seeing any particular reason that the time spent searching could not be supervised

I'm not seeing any particular reason it would need to be supervised. The phone calls aren't. The last time I was arrested, I spent about four hours in a holding cell, and there was a row of phones along the wall. There were no restrictions on who we could call, or how long we could talk. There was no indication that the phone calls were being monitored, and it is illegal to record calls without notification.

Comment Re:Economists aren't Exactly Neutral (Score 5, Insightful) 235

Africa is less than a century out of independence from various European powers.

Using colonialism as an explanation for lack of economic progress isn't supported by the evidence. The African country with the longest and most pervasive colonization was South Africa. The country with the least was Ethiopia, which maintained its independence except for a few years of Italian control in the 1930s. Yet South Africa is near the top of the African economic pile, while Ethiopia is near the bottom. There are plenty of other examples. Countries with long periods of colonization, much interaction between the locals and the colonists, and lasting European-style laws and civil institutions, are doing far better than countries where colonialism was less influential.

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