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Comment Re:Musk to NYT (Score 1) 700

Most of us would probably commute in this thing.

This is not a sensible commuting car. A plug-in hybrid with a 30 mile all-electric range would make more sense. Why pay for for a 265 mile battery range when you are just going to use 10% of that capacity? For longer trips you will also have the ability to fall back on gasoline.

Comment Re:Even China is getting tired of their shit (Score 4, Insightful) 270

We've been through this for decades, with North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Libya, etc.

The leaders of two of these countries (Iraq and Libya) gave up their WMDs. They are both now dead. If we want the leaders of rogue nations to give up their nukes, maybe should stop killing them when they do.

Comment Re:Good Read (Score 2) 154

What cause would that be? Evading taxes?

The more taxes he can avoid, the better. He is putting the money to far better use than the government would.

Attempting to buy a legacy?

So what? What difference does it make what his motivations are? His foundation has already saved millions of lives, and improved the lives of millions more. All those lives are not worth less just because his motivations are not pure enough for you.

Comment Re:The old college system is not cut out for today (Score 3, Interesting) 372

A professor cannot teach 300,000 people.

Of course not. But 300,000 people can watch one professor's lecture. Teaching is more than just lecturing, but by delivering the lecture to a mass audience, you can divert a lot of resources into other aspects of teaching.

That's nothing more than a video presentation, which no more replaces an actual teacher than a book is a substitute for a class.

So do you also think we shouldn't use books?

What you're describing isn't bringing technology to school. It's just using technology to send information.

No it isn't. You should visit a modern "flipped" classroom. The students watch the lectures online at home, and do the "homework" at school. The teachers don't lecture, they teach , mostly one-on-one with any student that is having problems. By using mass lectures, you are not commoditizing education, you are freeing up resources so that you can customize it for each student.

Comment Re:small sample population? (Score 1) 372

They only interviewed 42 faculty members for this study? Seems like too small of a sample to come to any kind of conclusion.

It is also a very biased sample. Asking professors what they think about instructional technology is sort of like asking Luddites what they think of looms. It would make more sense to ask the students.

Comment Re:The old college system is not cut out for today (Score -1, Redundant) 372

Why? What do "today's tech/IT settings" bring to the table that is of actual benefit to the learning environment?

Lower costs and better instruction. By using technology, a professor can teach to 300,000 instead of thirty. So instead of having 10,000 mediocre professors each teaching to 30 students, you can have the single very best professor teach to them all.

Comment Re:research universities = only about research (Score 0) 372


Along with the video, provide a web forum where the students can discuss the presentation, ask/answer questions, collaborate on homework problems, etc. That is a much better interaction than is available in most classrooms. The professor can read the forum, and use the feedback to improve the lecture video for the next semester.

Comment Re:No, it shouldn't (Score 1) 307

storming of Bastille ... resulted in creation of modern democracy

America was already a democracy when the Bastille was stormed. It would make more sense for the French to celebrate July 4th.

modern Western power structures

Is that a good thing?

and Napoleon Code.

Except for Louisiana, American law isn't based on the Napoleonic Code, and Louisiana has long been the worst governed and most corrupt state in the country.

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