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Comment Re:Reflective Armor (Score 1) 173

And before that, there was sound ranging!

It is difficult to locate a mortar position with sound. Mortars aren't that loud when they fire, and they can fire from deep defilade. Also, sound propagates slowly enough to give them critical seconds to "shoot and scoot". Even with radar, we would fire our 155s not only on their firing position, but also on likely routes of egress. The Iraqis had mortars mounted in the back of BMPs so they could move as quickly as possible after launching a volley, as well as having some armor to protect them from shrapnel while they were moving.

Comment Re:Reflective Armor (Score 5, Interesting) 173

I've always thought that the ideal anti-mortar device would be a radar that told you exactly where the mortar round came from. "You shooting at us? Here, have a little present in return."

This is know as counter-battery radar. It has been around for at least a few decades. I was in the Marines during the 1991 Iraq War (the one that made sense), and we had counter-battery radar then. When an Iraqi mortar fired, our 155mm howitzers would back-trace the trajectory and return fire before the mortar round even impacted.

Comment Re:red v blue (Score 1) 285

Just out of curiosity, what's morally wrong with smoking pot?

I think pot should be legal, but I know many pot smokers and my observation is that it makes them apathetic and stupid. There is scientific evidence to back this up. I believe that every person should live up to their potential, and work to make the world better. You aren't going to do that if you are intentionally making yourself stupider.

Comment Re:We vote on leaders not lightbulbs (Score 1) 1146

too bad those LED do a *miserable* job of lighting an area, and only illuminate a *fraction* of the same area at that as conventional bulb, and have weird spectrum.

As an actual user of LED lights, I have noticed NONE of these problems. The base of the light contains a reflector, so less light is absorbed by the fixture, but that just seems like good design. I might notice the "weird" spectrum if I used some specialized instrument, but to my eyes, the light looks normal.

Less light, less area, bad spectrum, that's the three problems of current LED bulb tech.

I think your ideas of "current" LED bulb tech, are not current. You might want to look at a modern bulb.

As for efficiency, seven months out of the year, the incandescent energy output is 100% useful to me.

You might want to look up Carnot Efficiency. More than half the energy in the fuel is dumped into the heat sink by your power company. About another 5% is lost in transmission. If you want heat, you should burn fuel in your furnace, not at a power company. Using electricity for heat is very wasteful.

Comment Re:We vote on leaders not lightbulbs (Score 1) 1146

Seriously, who has time to shop for lightbulbs on ebay?

Huh? How does clicking a link take more time than driving to Home Depot?

Post back in 3 years letting us know how many are still burning.

What failure mode do you foresee? Have you ever seen an LED "burn out"? They are solid state electronics. The solder could fail, but that seems unlikely since it barely gets warm. Besides, cheap PbSn solder is more reliable than the expensive RoHS stuff.

Comment Re:We vote on leaders not lightbulbs (Score 5, Informative) 1146

Reasonable alternatives would not be priced at $27 a pop or pose a serious mercury contamination risk for disposed of bulbs

Get a clue. You can buy good 10w (60w equiv) LED light bulbs for $4 a pop on eBay. I bought a batch of 10 from this guy. They come on instantly, are very bright, and contain no mercury. Even after an hour, they are barely warm. Unlike CFLs, they work in the cold, so you can use them for a porch/garage. They are made of impact resistant plastic. While installing one, I accidentally dropped it 8 feet onto a concrete floor. It bounced, but didn't break. So far, I have had zero failures. Since the seller has a 99.4% approval rate, my guess is most other customers are happy as well.

Comment Re:Worth it. (Score 1) 123

The Hour of Code was teaching the outdated, sequential type of programming

Sequential code may be inadequate for advanced programming, but it certainly isn't "outdated". As a professional programmer, 90% of my code is purely sequential. Even parallel code has sequential blocks, and parallel programming skills can only be built on a solid foundation of basic understanding of sequential processing. Arithmetic skills are not enough to do calculus, but that doesn't mean arithmetic is "outdated".

I teach Scratch to 3rd-6th graders in an after school program. It is an event driven language, so they have to deal with parallelism and race conditions at some point. But they don't learn that until they have a solid foundation first.

Comment Re:red v blue (Score 1) 285

so they are ok with killing unborn humans as long as the government doesnt decide?

Just because you think something should be legal, doesn't mean you are "ok with it". I think that abortion, adultery, prostitution, violent pornography, and smoking pot are all morally wrong, but I don't think any of them should be illegal. They should be discouraged by moral persuasion, not law enforcement.

Comment Re:red v blue (Score 4, Insightful) 285

Talk about hypocracy, you got flaming liberals that are all for killing unborn humans but are aghast that we would kill someone for something like , i dont know shooting up a school.

Liberals are not "for" killing unborn humans. They are for someone other than politicians making the decision. I see no hypocrisy in being both pro-choice and anti-death-penalty: In both cases, I am opposed to government officials having life and death power over the citizenry.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 99

Competition is good, but Blue Origin does not (at this time) represent competition to SpaceX.

That should not be for NASA to decide. Instead of having a "selection process", they should simply hold an auction. The launch pad should be rented to the highest bidder.

Comment Re:News for Nerds? (Score 5, Informative) 586

A Capitalist is anyone that invests in property. Whether that be a car, an iPhone, a house

No. Capital only refers to investment in productive assets, not private property in general.

Socialists on the other hand feel that the state and or society has a right to either that property or the benefits from the use of said property over the rights of the owner.

Nonsense. No socialist/communist government has ever completely banned private property. Socialism only refers to government ownership of the means of production.

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