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Comment Re:Why do people want to survive the end of the wo (Score 1) 220

Really? And how long will your stash last? Most food these days won't last you the few years minimum you will need.

So your argument is that since we can't be ready for everything, therefore we should prepare for nothing?

Like I said, my primary concern is a major earthquake. That would probably disrupt supplies for only a few weeks. A major disease pandemic, like a "super-flu", might last longer, but no more than a few months. A major global crop failure cause by a volcano or asteroid, would be a bigger problem, but humanity has survived these several times in the past. The worst was probably the famine of 1315-1317, which may have killed 25% of Europe's population. But back then Europe relied on crops, such as wheat, that needed warmth, sunshine, and dry weather to harvest. Today, we have crops, such as potatoes, that can thrive in cold, wet, and hazy conditions. Supposedly people survived that famine by going into the woods and digging up earthworms to eat. Those people were your ancestors. You probably wouldn't be here if they had the same attitude towards survival that you do.


Comment Re:Why do people want to survive the end of the wo (Score 3, Interesting) 220

Wherein 'zombies' are a placeholder for 'other (hungry) people', I presume? How christian of you..

I am only a "3" on the Dawkin's Scale, and certainly not a Christian. Instead of the bible, I prefer the moral lesson of The Little Red Hen. Why should my family starve because you made a conscious decision not to prepare? But I am still helping my fellow humans more than you are: When the Yellowstone Caldera erupts, and blocks out the sun, you will rush out in a panic buying spree, thus depriving others. But I will already have my stash, built up during times of plenty, so I will need to take nothing from others.

Comment Re:Why do people want to survive the end of the wo (Score 1) 220

Is your rifle grandfathered, or are you using hyperbole and describing a semi-automatic weapon as an assault rifle?

It is an AR-15, and I have owned it since 1982. I also have a M870 shotgun. In the event of a zombie attack, my wife would use the rifle, and I would use the shotgun (it kicks too much for her). I don't own any other guns, so our kids will focus on reloading magazines (I have trained them to use a speed loader).

Comment Re:Why do people want to survive the end of the wo (Score 4, Insightful) 220

Why do people want to survive the end of the world? So after the dust settles they can starve to death eating their own loneliness?

Because we don't expect to be lonely. We expect our friends and families to survive along with us. I live in California, so I am more concerned with a major earthquake than zombies. I am also concerned about a major contagious disease outbreak, or a weather anomaly that causes major crop failures (this happened in 535-536, 1315-1317, and in 1815). So I have about a year's worth of food for my family, basic tools and survival equipment, and (since I am an American) an assault rifle. Even if a crisis never comes, I am still saving money by buying food in bulk, and growing most of my own vegetables. I also have a some chickens for eggs. You may think that being prepared is kooky, but if you look back through history, there is at least a 30% chance of a major calamity occurring during your lifetime. By the time you see it coming, the store shelves will be bare, and it will be too late. So I think it is foolish to not be prepared. Some of my neighbors also have a stash of supplies, and we are prepared to work together to fight off the zombies.

Comment Re:FFS (Score 1) 456

now other restaurant chains will be reluctant to take sides on divisive social issues.

I see that as a negative.

Why? Individuals should engage in debate about issues. Why should restaurants? When I go out to eat, I should be able to choose the best food, without trying to remember their political orientation. Is it really a good thing to have "liberal" restaurants, "conservative" restaurants, "libertarian" restaurants, etc?

Comment Re:FFS (Score 1) 456

Ineffective boycotts are farther than technology has ever gone?

The mere threat of a boycott caused the CEO to publicly apologize. How was that "ineffective"?

Remember when Chic-fil-a closed because of the boycott? Neither do I.

Chic-fil-a did not close, but they got a lot of negative publicity, and now other restaurant chains will be reluctant to take sides on divisive social issues. When I drive past a Chic-fil-a, I have a mental image of two ugly guys having sex, and I lose my appetite.

Comment Re:Look, is any of this stuff news? (Score 1) 81

Actually, not even Internet can compromise your OTP lines of communication.

Yes it can. A OTP can protect the content of your communication, but it does not protect the meta-data. "They" can still see who you are talking to. Once they know who is involved, they can use the proverbial $5 wrench to retrieve the content.

Comment Re:not missing an color but reading the wrong (Score 1) 205

You admitted it doesn't know where it is.

No I didn't. I admitted that it would know that one sensor (out of dozens) had failed.

If the GPS failed, that means the GPS-based course and speed indications are unreliable.

Correct. So it would use the other sensors.

You blink, and while your eyes are closed you forget where you are and what direction you are going. Sounds like dementia.

Why would it "forget" where it was? It could just read the inertial sensors to detect any acceleration, read the rotary sensors in the wheels to determine its velocity, and calculate where it is from its last known position. It could also continue to use cameras for lane detection, cameras for landmark recognition, and a combination of cameras and radar for collision avoidance.

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