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Comment Re:Almost all students of orca believe... (Score 5, Informative) 395

If they attack/kill a human in the ocean, who's gonna document them?

The other humans at the scene maybe? A single human alone in the ocean is not as common as you seem to think.

Orca's hunt in packs, and coordinate their attacks. So they might communicate to organize an attack on a group of humans. Here is a video of a pod of orcas executing a very organized training session to teach the juveniles orcas how to isolate and kill a crabeater seal on the pack ice. It is hard for me to believe that they could do this without some sort of high level communication. They are very intelligent animals.

Comment Re:How'd the government know what they were Googli (Score 1) 923

it was confirmed that it was the Long Island Task Force.

No, some journalists have claimed that it was the LITF. The FBI and the local police have all denied any involvement. Here is a follow up story that seems to indicate that the whole thing was a fabrication. There apparently was no raid, no investigation, nothing ... except a woman that wanted some attention.

Comment Re:Read the Propraganda (Score 1) 125

Try reading some North Korean propaganda

I can't because I don't understand Korean. But years ago, I remember reading the same sort of ridiculous claims, in English, about China. Then I learned Mandarin, and learned to read Chinese. I went back and read some of those documents in the original Chinese. The English translations put out by the US government were complete distortions of what was actually said. They would take common idioms like "raining cats and dogs" and translate it literally, when that clearly was not the real meaning (and Chinese is much richer in the use of colorful idioms than English). Sentences were twisted around to make the Chinese look like idiots. I suspect that the same thing is going on today with North Korea. Unless you actually understand Korean, you are naive to make any judgements based on translations provided to you by their adversaries.

Comment Re:When you turn it on... (Score 2, Interesting) 125

The nation is falling a part, and so is their military hardware.

Do you have any evidence to support this assertion? Or are you just parroting what your government told you to believe?

I have no first hand knowledge of North Korea (and I doubt you do either). But I grew up in America and heard lots of stories about the terrible conditions in Communist China. Then I went to China. I lived there for years, made dozens of friends, married a Chinese woman, started a family, started a business. It was absolutely nothing like what I was told. So I am extremely skeptical when the US government tries to shovel propaganda in my direction. Especially when there is objective evidence, such as satellite photos, that contradict the official party line.

Comment Re:When you turn it on... (Score 1) 125

According to this several year old article

What article?

there's less than 30,000 cars for a country of 24m people.

Why should I believe your "report" instead of believing Google's photos?

$200 LCD screen

$200?? Tablets like this sell in China for less than $50 at full retail. Probably less than half that in quantity directly from the factory.

Comment Re:When you turn it on... (Score 2, Interesting) 125

I wonder how many North Koreans could even afford such a device.

Probably a lot more than you think. Try this: Use Google maps to look at Seoul, South Korea. Put it in "satellite" mode. Now pan north about thirty miles. You will see a very green strip of land devoid of any human features. That is the DMZ. Keep going north. You will soon see lots of signs of human activity again. You are now looking at North Korea. Now zoom in. You will see roads. Paved roads. With cars on them. You will see houses, not as big as in the south, but not shacks either. You will see shopping centers, with parking lots full of cars. But wait ... didn't your government tell you that North Korea was a dirt poor economic basket case? What is going on? Either North Korea really isn't as poor as you were told, or else PDRK agents have infiltrated Google and replaced 120,000 sq km of satellite photos. You decide.

Comment Re:Not much of a defense (Score 4, Insightful) 358

Have you been to any of the classified sessions in Congress? I would assume the more juicy, more direct information is provided there.

Have you watched any of the NON-classified sessions in Congress? Such as the one where James Clapper looked Senator Ron Wyden directly in the eye, and lied through his teeth, claiming that this program doesn't even exist? Why do you think congress is getting "juicy information", when it is already clear that the spooks don't trust them and are willing to lie to them?

Comment Re:Not much of a defense (Score 4, Informative) 358

They find out about them with the intelligence they collect.

If they suspect that someone is a terrorist, then they can get a warrant to monitor his phone records. It is also reasonable to cross check the few dozen people that the terrorists talked to. Maybe it is even reasonable to go another level and look for patterns of calls in the "contacts of contacts" which would be thousands of people. But to go beyond that to contacts-of-contacts-of-contacts-of-contacts, which encompass millions of people seems unreasonable, and I have seen no evidence or even claims that these 3rd or 4th degree searches led to any arrests. Of course there needs to be a surveillance program, but they should be looking at far fewer people, and they should stop lying about it to the elected representatives of the American people.

Comment Re:Civil Offense = Arrested? (Score 1) 510

Arresting someone for what amounts to a civil offense seems like government power overreach to me, otherwise known as fascism.

They are being arrested for being stupid, which is (or should be) a criminal offense. This is nothing new. The SFO Airport Gestapo has always watched for any money changing hands at the curb. You just need to pay the driver before you get to airport.

Comment Re:Good Question (Score 1) 655

Dragonflies and butterflies have wings...I am not aware if eating insects is common amongst Chinese folks.

It depends where you are in China. In some southern provinces, people eat grubs. I once visited Lanzhou in the western province of Gansu, and was served fried grasshoppers. Bug cuisine is rare in the big eastern cities, but you can find them in Beijing if you go to the night market at Wangfujing. There are ethnic food vendors from all over China, and some of them serve bugs.

Comment Re:Good Question (Score 1) 655

I heard there is a saying "in xx province they eat anything with 4 legs except a table"

xx=Guangdong. The first time I went to a restaurant in Guangzhou (capitol and largest city in Guangdong Province) I was amazed. There were rows of cages full of dogs, cats, snakes, turtles, frogs, etc. There was even a live peacock. You just pick the animal you want to eat, and they will kill it right in front of you so there is no question about the freshness. I ordered the tofu.

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