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Comment Re:Faster than Light? (Score 1) 276

Can't the slashdot editors be more active with their copy? Nothing goes faster than light. period.

Not true. A shadow can move faster than light. If a wavefront is impacting a linear object, the impact point can move far faster than the propagation speed of the wave. Researchers have found numerous "action at a distance" phenomena that occur instantaneously between entangled particles. None of these phenomena can transmit information, but they are still faster than light.

Comment Re:hackers just wait for some to hijack one (Score 2) 77

hackers just wait for some to hijack one and crop dust over area loaded with people.

They are not spraying DDT. Most modern pesticides (especially those used in aerial spraying) have little toxicity to humans. When there were protests about the safety of malathion used in aerial spraying to kill medflies in California, the governors chief-of-staff went on TV and drank a glass in front of the cameras.

Comment Re:Done us all a favor (Score 3, Insightful) 629

In Germany and Austria there are laws against denying the (well documented and absolutely non-desputable) crimes of the Nazi's

Who gets to decide what is "absolutely non-disputable"? Once you start arresting people for expressing their opinions, the path from "you cannot praise the Nazis" to "you cannot criticize the government" is steep and slippery.

Comment Re:Done us all a favor (Score 3, Insightful) 629

Err.. Netherlands? Switzerland? Norway? Finland? Iceland? Sweden? Denmark? Germany? France? Portugal? Slovenia? Ireland? Australia? New Zealand? Canada?

Yes, all free ... unless your opinions on the history of WWII differ from the "official version". Or if you are muslim, and want to wear observant clothing. Or if you have a reason to defend yourself. Etc.

Comment Re: As the song asks... (Score 1) 358

Are you saying that if someone is good at their job and their employer likes them they shouldn't leave their job?

They are far less likely to leave their job than someone who is bad at their job and disliked by their employer. Either way, I have not found that good references are effective at differentiating good apples from bad.

Comment Re: As the song asks... (Score -1) 358

That's also some kind of proof of his skills.

Yeah, but so are the references from his previous employer.

If his previous employer really thought he was good, he wouldn't be looking for a new job. I give a glowing reference to any ex-employee who asks for one. Why should I care if you hire a turd? When I am hiring, I have found references to be so unreliable, that I don't even both to ask for them.

Or you could ask me in interview.

For my last opening I got 200 resumes. I interviewed five of them. If your resume doesn't stand out, there will be no interview.

Comment Re:In conclusion (Score 0) 305

I look at their demeanor. Are they noticeably flustered or do they take a breathe and start working it out.

Do you have any evidence that getting flustered in an interview is negatively correlated with technical ability? After thirty years of hiring people, I see no reason to believe that is true. When I hire people, I do a f2f interview, but I also give them a small programming assignment in a quiet cubicle, and I have found that to be a better indicator.

Comment Re:Well... (Score 1) 220

Seriously, after 25 years in the business I've never seen or heard about anyone using NetBSD in production ever.

Either you are in the wrong business or you aren't looking very hard. NetBSD runs on almost anything, and is widely used in embedded systems. It is likely that some little black gizmo in your own home or office is quietly humming away with NetBSD inside.

Comment Re:dude iraq is different, thats war (Score 3, Informative) 442

Dude, spying on iraq before the war is different to spying on people in UK or Singapore, ok.

The nice thing about spying on friendly nations like the UK or Singapore, is that their spy agencies cooperate with ours, and have similar restrictions about spying on their own citizens, but are free to spy on other citizens including Americans. So if the NSA/CIA wants to get some dirt on an American in America, they have the Brits do the spying. We return the favor whenever they ask. Everybody wins (or loses, depending on your perspective).

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