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Ubuntu's "Lucid Lynx" Enters Beta 366

ActionDesignStudios writes "The upcoming release of Ubuntu, titled 'Lucid Lynx,' has just entered the beta cycle. Alongside the usual desktop and server versions, a special version has been released that is designed to run on Amazon's EC2 cloud service. This release of Ubuntu does away with the brown 'Human' Gnome theme we've all become accustomed to, replaced by a new version Canonical says is inspired by light. The new release also includes much better integration with social networking services such as Twitter, identi.ca and Facebook, among others."

Comment Re:I Don't Know What You're Talking About (Score 2, Interesting) 411

I second this. Soundblaster cards, as crappy as Creative is, have good jack support. I have a Xi-Fi platinum (with the front panel headers) and it has line in jacks, multiple microphone jacks, optical in / optical out etc. I don't know what their cards are like these days but I'm sure they'll have one with the RCA jacks.

Also I just want to say the RCA type dual line in jacks have never been popular on sound cards as far as I know

Role Playing (Games)

Dragon Age: Origins Expansion Coming In March 80

ishanjain tipped news that BioWare has announced an expansion for Dragon Age: Origins, called Awakening, that is due out on March 16th. Awakening "is supposed to run about 15 hours and will allow for players to import and edit characters they've broken in from the core game," and it will take place "in the in the role of a Grey Warden Commander who's been tasked with rebuilding the order of Grey Wardens and finding out how the darkspawn survived following the death of the Archdemon dragon." A trailer is available at the official site, as well as some information on a new bit of DLC that will be out shortly, entitled Return to Ostagar. (It was originally due for release on January 5th, but was delayed.)

Comment Re:Eyecandy in cost of usability (Score 1) 1124

I don't know if you've ever actually used the ribbon, but every single button on the ribbon remains in the same place, it never changes. Static is in fact a big emphasis on the ribbon design you cannot move anything around.

The only 'context sensitive' part of it is that an additional tab opens up when you select a picture or table which gives you functionality for that table, but that tab always appears in the same place and the contents of that tab are also static.

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