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Comment Re:I am glad that I left the US... (Score 1) 190

To be honest, 1.5M USD is a pretty damned small amount of money (his salary should be publicly available as he's a state employee in Texas), perhaps as little as 7 years salary (if a full prof.)

His 1.5M USD over 5 years is $300,000 per year over and above his UT salary. Definitely moves him a step up from whore to call girl, but maybe not enough to rate all the way to courtesan.

Comment Probably Mac Pros (Score 1) 266

My bet on which line will be "Made in the USA" is the revamped Mac Pro due out next year. First, the numbers are far smaller than that for iPads or iPhones. requiring less capital investment. Second, they're not as challenging to assemble. Third, the added labor cost will be a smaller percentage of these more expensive units.

Comment Re:Over private property? (Score 1) 733

I would think low base #8 2.75 inch shells for pigeons. That's what I use. That would not be very effective against a copter drone. However, it's easy to chamber a couple of #2 3 inch magnum goose loads if the need arises. You could scale up to 00 buckshot if needed. A spread of 32 cal. balls ought to do it.

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