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Comment Re:TSA Agents (Score 1) 446

YOUR name is Jingle James Hyper Smith,
something something something something,
I can't remember the song so well...

  James Jingle Hyper Smith!

  On a better less troll/stupid matter

  I can't wait for Every American BUT politicians be on the no fly list. Lets see what the government does to bail out the airline industry again. "Oh Noes! Travelers aren't flying enough and the airlines have to raise prices, cut flights, etc, etc... because of the losses." TSA and Government is currently the fucker uppers of the airline industry. When all Americans and international travelers refuse to fly because of the mess we are in, what will happen next?

  I suppose we'll start lynching Politicians... and that I hope is enough for someone to Tip me to TSA... so I can't fly anymore.

Comment Re:WH says DDOS is not a crime (Score 1) 120

No your actually right. Thats why networks are supposed to have redundancy and distributed network connections. If one fails a backup is in place to re-route traffic to its end point destination.

  The problem that is clear in this case is that there is in no way shape or form in creating a "DDoS protest" license for any particular situation because of the mass complexity of the internet. I've in some cases tested connection routes for businesses and discovered that in some cases packets go through routes out of state then back into state, then BACK out of state before reaching its destination. Its really messed up how routing happens. Thats why we have network protocols that are designed to handle this type of scenario.

  Its funny how DDoS has come about over the past 10 years. I almost feel like it was yesterday when I first heard of DDoS attacks, and yet today our network infrastructure hasn't improved to deal with these DDoS attacks any better than they were handled 10 years ago. One company I contracted for, our only solution was to just unplug the server until all the attack stopped. Of course employees still couldn't use the internet because the attacks were still running, but at least the server wasn't melting.

  I think that is one of the reasons why Load Balancing came about, so that Slashdot/Digg/4Chan/Reddit bombardments could be handled better. LoL

Input Devices

Robot Swarm Control On Microsoft's Surface 106

zerOnIne writes "Dr. Mark Micire of UMass Lowell has built an intriguing new user interface on the Microsoft Surface, a multitouch-capable table computer. The interface is being used to control swarms of robots for disaster response, search, and rescue. One of the most interesting things about it is the intuitive tabletop joystick widget. Using a very fast hand-detection-and-identification algorithm, they can paint a touch joystick (dubbed the DREAM controller) directly underneath the hand. This joystick conforms to the size of the user's hand and tracks with hand movements, making sure that the control is always directly under the hand where the user expects it, even without haptic feedback. I've had a chance to go hands-on with this system, and I think it's truly remarkable."

Video Showing Half a Million Asteroid Discoveries 154

An anonymous reader writes "Since 1980 over a half million asteroids have been discovered, mostly between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, now thanks to this video you can see this activity condensed into a few minutes. At full resolution it's a mesmerizing experience as new discoveries are added and the video makes it possible to see patterns in the discovery positions, for example a large number appear in line between Earth and Jupiter as astronomers started looking for smaller jovian moons after Voyagers visit to the system."

Comment Re:Send them a bill (Score 1) 437

So in your words, the company didn't violate the CC-NC license?

    Look, the artist has photography with a clear license agreement attached to the images. If a company goes off, and takes those images, replicates them for commercial use, and even "includes" the CC license in the 'pirated' images, then... the company itself already violated the agreed contract when they siphoned the images off the internet. (whether agreeing or not to the CC terms, they clearly knew about it, and just ignored the terms)

    To me, small claims court would instantly rule in favor of the plaintive because the commercial use was a violation of the original use of the imagery.

    Plus if you send the invoice to the company (certified letter), they don't respond within 30 days, you have the right to sue them. Whether they disagreed to the CC license terms, they took and used the artists imagery without permission.

  If a company can outright sue me for doing the same to them, then so be it. the same level of protections for those assholes should be afforded to the individual as well.

  Just like recent articles where independent musicians have caught the Music industry not paying them for their royalties or for the fair use of their music without agreeing to the terms of the original artist. I've already read about how the RIAA basically gives the big middle finger to the little unsigned bands. Even if they(RIAA) steal the music and sell it on compiled demo discs, the independent artists have the right to counter sue the industry for their copyrighted material.

  The law in effect backfired for the RIAA and the music production companies that misused small band's materials. The law can't only be used by the big boys in the industry. which was why I jumped for joy when I read about a small band winning a court case to C&D a music publishers business because the company made thousands in profit but never paid a dime to the band.

Comment Re:If only I were still Unemployed... (Score 1) 228

DAMNIT... I was adding my odds of getting picked.

    1. Nerd... (check)
    2. Outdoors... (love camping for months)... (check)
    3. Broke as shit... (check)
    4. Can go by any name... (double check)
    5. slashdot user... (check) thus meaning I can't be away from a computer for too long.

  we'll I'm off the list for the four picked.

Comment Re:New around here? (Score 2, Insightful) 460

and I don't believe any backlash will ever occur because the users/management don't know how the network works. So its a win win situation for the IT Pros.

      Management "I can't access facebook, however I noticed you can access that slashdot website of yours."
    Me "Yep, because I get news about IT related stuff... facebook is just a waste of productivity time... its your policy!"
      Management "oh, yeah. your right... could you add me to the list of allowed users..."
    Me "Nope... policy"

      Users "aaawwwwwhhh we can't access myspace!"
    Me "suck it!"
      Users "grumble grumble"

Either way, neither of the other two groups outside of the IT Admin team should be allowed to do anything.... extreme with the network access... and by extreme, social networking. :-)

Comment Re:Private Car Cameras (Score 1) 480

Plus through my experience, I've seen people use cellphone cameras in court to contest/show proof of their argument. Video is typically video, unless it was obtained through a un-certified means. By this I mean, friend of cellphone owner, downloaded the video, and placed it on a DVD to play in court. Since it was retrieved by a unlicensed professional, the DVD would be inadmissible. But when the owner had the cellphone with her in court, and allowed the judge to review the footage directly, the judge accepted the video verbatim.

    In the case of someone owning the video equipment in the car, what is the difference between a police officer's dash cam, versus someone who has their own camera system? (the officer has a License, and is of the Law)

The other day I watched on YouTube how a Sheriff's deputy lied in court over what happened when he arrested a motorist. His word was wrong versus what his dashcam showed. If it wasn't for the woman who hired an attorney and then had the case brought up in court, I think the woman would have lost. Either way. video typically is admissible

Comment Re:Great (Score 1) 412

HAHAHAHA. So for all those years when I sold AT&T phones and when it came time to have the customer sign the contract terms, I always said... "Basically your signing your soul away to AT&T for two years." Would you like to go over the details of your contract?. Everyone would have a small laugh at my comment, but how true it was...

    Now AT&T has made it a fact.

Comment Re:Back in the day... (Score 1) 629

I used to work for the Rat Shack, I understand the corporate people not understanding wtf they are doing. I'm used to it. Worked for Rat Shack for over 5 years, even during my working for other companies periods I would go back to my old store, and just see what new was happening.

  I agree with most other people, Rat Shack has gone from being a reliable parts & knowledge store to a shitty no one has a fucking clue WTF they are doing, selling DVDS/BD and candy store. The quality of the products are the same since 10 -15 years ago. Just new packaging, and plastic. The prices have skyrocketed for stuff that they manufacture on a dimes cost.

    The District Management is just a laughing joke. Before I left the last time I left, They had replaced a DM because he was having an affair with a manager in another district... then replaced him with a woman who had no clue how to run a store. (trust me... when a DM asks you (a store employee) why sales are bad, and you give them the logical explanation as to why... then ignores the whole conversation to just say. "We'll your not selling enough cell phones"...

    Really... really, I'm not selling enough cell phones compared to the 150% profit gains I make in just helping people by getting them what they came in to the store to get in the first place. Parts and Accessories. Upper management at RadioShack (Tandy... whatever the fuck they wish to call themselves now) have no damn clue... because no one wants to lift a damn finger to get the truth from the people on the ground floor. They spend more time worrying about how the plan-o-gram should look, compared to why they leave expensive items near the front door, and wonder why stuff gets stolen so easily.

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