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Comment Re:Gamestop been doing it for a long time (Score 1) 343

Every xbox game I've bought has come with a seal from the factory (with MS logo and stuff) along the edge of the clamshell. Unfortunately most people probably (a) don't know about it, (b) don't care, or (c) take their word that it's still new and they are only protecting themselves from theft.

I like your idea of a more permanent indication of the seal being removed, but GS/EB would probably just put a big sticker over it saying 'new game, really, but don't forget to buy our new game insurance for only $4.99!'.

Comment What? (Score 2) 313

It's not 'biplanar', it's stereoscopic. I suppose they could use something like what you describe to reconstruct a stereoscopic view of a 2d film, but in practice they are more sophisticated than that. I know you're trying to simplify things, but calling it biplanar is selling it way short.

Don't get me wrong, I hate just about everything about this 3D fad, I just think you are confused about the implementation.

Comment Re:Great, but... (Score 2) 412

Either way, only half the light (minus absorption, plus leakage) is reaching each eye. Whether it's shuttered or polarised, it's going to be half as bright as showing the same image for both eyes and taking off the glasses.

Comment Re:Ditch the points system entirely, please. (Score 1) 82

One benefit is that they only need to adjust the price of points in other currencies as they fluctuate, and not the price of every single item they sell.

At one point when the Canadian dollar was nearly equal in value to the American dollar, Sony adjusted all their Canadian prices on PSN to the American prices. That was only possible because they happened to have prices for all items in another currency of approximately the same value. Now that the Canadian dollar is weaker again, they will be making less from Canadian sales.

It's a choice between trusting the value of a new currency, or coming up with prices for all items, in all currencies, and adjusting them over time.

Comment Re:Hack (Score 1) 206

Only for windows, but it converts to mp4 files which will play on the 360. There are probably easier ways to do it with transcoding, but this one actually keeps the video stream intact bit-for-bit. You just need to make sure .mp4 files are registered with media sharing in windows.

Also if you have a newish ATI or nVidia GPU, it can probably do the decoding if you use mpc-hc or the standalone codecs from it.

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