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Submission + - Mass Manufacturing of Defective Products

LostIt1278 writes: "Companies have been selling less than quality software for years and they have been getting paid for it. It seems that worked out so well that now manufacturing and selling defective hardware is common place. Every time I drive the 20 miles to get to the "city" to buy anything I have to drive back 2 days (give or take a week) to return at least half the items I bought because it has a manufacturer's defect. Example (TRUE!!) I received an XBOX 360 as a gift for the holiday season in December. It has already been returned because it decided that it wasn't an XBOX 360. When inserting a game (any of them!) it told me to please place the disc in an XBOX 360 to play it. I know, no big surprise there, everyone has been having problems with the poorly made 360. I have also had to return a $60 wireless Guitar Hero guitar controller (the yellow button didn't work), an original XBOX controller (made by Pelican that just made you spin in game), a PSP with a scratch on the backside of the LCD screen, 2 Mad Catz racing wheels for the original XBOX (I was told they shipped a whole batch of defective ones and not to buy anymore from that store), 2 Toshiba laptops (1 hard drive failure in the first month, the other a defective touch pad I noticed out of the box), an iPaq Pocket PC that refused to acknowledge any SD card, and that's just what I've returned recently. I have my own IT business and I spend a lot of money on technology. I, personally, am sick of having to drive 40 miles round trip every time I buy something just because some manufacturer wants to shave a few more pennies off of their costs by making their products cheap. Am I the the only one seeing this trend grow? It's getting a bit ridiculous and it's only getting worse. I literally have to return half of the items I buy. When will it end or won't it? How do we stop such a wide spread trend? I haven't even mentioned the some what often "less than helpful" customer service I've received while returning defective products. That's a topic all to itself but maybe another article eh Best Buy?"
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Journal Journal: Great new addicitve online puzzle game: Bloktonik

Quite possibly the next Bejeweled, a very addicitive online puzzle game by Robotube Games: Bloktonik The latest puzzle game addiction has arrived. Bloktonik, already available around the world on Mobile Phones, is now playable online in this new, deluxe version! Bloks come raining in from 4 directions, and it's your job to land them on the central cluster, based on the direction they

Submission + - Google 'Metaverse' rumour re-ignited

jasoncart writes: "Rumours of a of a persistent world 'game' from Google have been re-ignited this week, with analyst Michael Eisenberg of Benchmark Capital caught ruminating on the prospect of a Google-engineered 'metaverse'. Several sources point towards this new online world, which Google could use as a new method for delivering context-sensitive advertising."

Submission + - OSSDI to Distribute in Schools

Xampper writes: "The Open Source Software Distribution Initiative (OSSDI) is a new organization planning to distribute open source alternatives to expensive commercial software packages, primarily in education. Initially, OSSDI will be focusing its efforts on giving away professionally pressed CD-ROMS containing the software suite within school districts in poverty-stricken regions. These distributions will give students access to a professional office suite, which they might otherwise be unable to afford, while spreading awareness of open source software."

Gates Proclaims Internet to Revolutionize TV in 5 Years 314

adamlazz writes "With an explosion of online video content on sites like YouTube and Google Video, Bill Gates believes that the Internet will revoloutionize the television within the next 5 years. 'I'm stunned how people aren't seeing that with TV, in five years from now, people will laugh at what we've had,' Gates told business leaders and politicians at the World Economic Forum. "

Submission + - Anyone else confused by AMD?

Alfius writes: "I'm the proud owner of an high end Nvidia590 skt AM2 motherboard which I bought last summer, I furnished it with the rather low end single core Athlon 3800+ on the understanding that AMD would be releasing a conroe beating quadcore chip sometime in 2007. Since then I've read many seemingly conflicting reports about how/when/what AMD will actually be producing quad core wise. I find this whole 4x4 or should I say 2x2 business exceedingly confusing to say the least, and then there's socket F which I thought was supposed to be a server socket, and what really is AM3 anyway? Does anyone have the facts, can I look forward to quad core goodness on my AM2 board anytime this year? Or should I just forget all about it and buy an x2?"
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Journal Journal: Ringbarer Interactive announce 2007 catalog

Purveyor of racist yet truthful anti-islamic Slashdot troll postings, Ringbarer, today announced the formation of Ringbarer Interactive Entertainment - providing games for Linux.


Submission + - "Masters of Doom" Movie in production

hunter_invul writes: "Well the movie "Masters of Doom" is in production. The movie is more of a documentary about id Software's beginning up until now, including material about both John Carmack and John Romero {at least the book did}. The movie was originally a book named, of course "The Masters of Doom" and was very good, so it sounds real interesting for both gamers and people who like to see what goes on behind the scenes when making a game {like me}. And it looks a lot better than "DOOM" the movie!"

Bezos and O'Reilly 2.0 16

theodp writes "Looks like Jeff Bezos and Tim O'Reilly are investing together again, and this time it has nothing to do with patent reform. In Bezos Goes Web 2.0 Wild, Private Equity Week's Alexander Haislip reports that Explore Holdings, which as of late has been doing business as Bezos Expeditions, is one of 19 investors that have pumped $34.3M into O'Reilly AlphaTech Ventures."

Submission + - Fight DRM while there's time

ageor writes: It seems (not only) to me that DRM is about far more than intellectual property. It's also about monopoly and freedom of choice. It's one of those cases where us, the consumers, have to decide against accepting the new control-and-money-making-is-all-we-care-about industry's rules.

The whole matter is very well put in DRM, Vista and your rights where you can read about it and also follow the subject as deep as you like through numerous relevant links.

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