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Comment Re:Do people still get spam these days? (Score 1) 284

Really? YMMV, of course, but Gmail is the best spam filtering system I've ever experienced. I get so few spam messages in my inbox any longer (and several hundred / day in the Spam folder). VERY occasionally there are false positives (I still check, it's mostly obscure mailing lists getting themselves accidentally blacklisted), but other than that I'm not sure how gmail could improve. When did you use it last?


Recognizing Scenes Like the Brain Does 115

Roland Piquepaille writes "Researchers at the MIT McGovern Institute for Brain Research have used a biological model to train a computer model to recognize objects, such as cars or people, in busy street scenes. Their innovative approach, which combines neuroscience and artificial intelligence with computer science, mimics how the brain functions to recognize objects in the real world. This versatile model could one day be used for automobile driver's assistance, visual search engines, biomedical imaging analysis, or robots with realistic vision. Here is the researchers' paper in PDF format."

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