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Comment Re:People who already bought a converter (Score 1) 147

>Well that just make's his claim that much more dubious. Assuming the people in question were already able to buy a TV, and most of a converter box, I don't see why they can't just bite the bullet and pay for the remaining tiny fraction of the conveter box.

Because after paying for a 60 inch plasma, most of the cost of the converter box, and the months electric; they're broke!

Comment Re:Great, we get to pay for them again! (Score 1) 224

"No, I get to pay more every time I buy products using the patented technology. When I paid the taxes to fund NASA, it was most certainly NOT with the intention or stated purpose that they would develop things to sell to me."

And when I paid my taxes it was NOT with the intention that:

* It would be used for no-bid contracts for a war.
* That it would be used to bail Chevy and Ford out of bankruptcy, when it is their lack of innovation that got them there.
* That it would be used to take over Fannie and Freddie (with the CEO's of these two organizations getting 2.5 million dollar severance checks.)

Unfortunately this is politics. You pay your taxes, and in order to select what they are used for you vote for a politician. That politician then decides your funding.

The misuse and abuse of our tax money is the mis-coordination of the correct political candidate. Better luck next election I guess?

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