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Comment Re: ..and mouse scroll. (Score 1) 326

Uh huh, that is why its selling so well and folks have so much "fun" with it is because they really wanted a sailphone for a PC, right.

Look its REALLY simple, Ballmer lost his shit because Apple became the largest company and instead of accepting that PCs had gotten "good enough" for most folks and that he should be trying to sell value add to the OS he instead....makes a sailphone OS. A sailphone OS that admins don't want, and gamers don't want and to top it off OEMs don't want it either.

Ya wanna know the REAL reason Android is selling? Its NOT because of mobility, its because Android IS WINDOWS, its Windows as it USED to be. Its simple to use,yet still easy to get to the system settings. It has an appstore sure, but it takes a single click to allow programs from anywhere. Its as easy to customize for Joe and Jane Average as changing a Windows wallpaper was, and it runs quite well on a multitude of devices. At the same time Android was rising MSFT was putting out the bloated piggie that was Vista and while 7 did well instead of learning and listening somebody decided that they could just "be Apple" and put out locked down high priced hardware...nope, I got better odds of winning the powerball.

You give folks what they want and they buy, give them shit and tell them "you don't need that" and watch them walk away...what is so hard to understand?

Comment Re:Why would you want to? (Score 1) 92

If it's to help the phone survive drops, then that's what they should talk about.

I can't imagine a reason I would ever want to bend my phone.

Now if I were planning on going to prison, I could see how a bendable phone might make it easier to smuggle one into my cell, but it's still not going to be very comfortable, going in or coming out. And god forbid I get a call while my phone is hidden in a body cavity. I keep my phone on vibrate and it could get very embarrassing.

Comment Re:Am I imagining it? (Score 1) 230

I have little at risk if anyone but financial institutions gets this stuff wrong. Taking the time to contest a fraudulent CC charge is really the risk. Financial institutions worry me less as they get proper auditing, and I use a separate password for those, but that's about it.

Or at least to not expect any more smarts than you're willing to invest yourself.

That's a terrible life strategy. You can't be an expert in much, and depending on experts in everything else (but holding them accountable if they screw up) is appropriate.

Comment Re:OK, so what's new in it? (Score 1) 147

A sub-$100 price is about it, since they took out Gamecube backwards compatibility and Internet connectivity. It's really just aimed at the people buying Wii Fit and Wii Sports, not at anyone who's even mildly serious about gaming.

Well duh, it's a mini version of a last-gen console released in 2006 so that's the only people who you could sell it to. Even if anyone needed Gamecube compatibility there's now 100 million regular Wiis on the market to 20 million Gamecubes sold. And Nintendo probably looked at the stats and found extremely many Wiis are never online, the only system updates they get are through game discs. Add in a few clueless parents who think anything involving the Internet is a scary place and you got a $99 guaranteed safe kids/family console. No matter how old and boring you think it is, it's always new to some new kids.

Comment Re:NOT posted as AC. (Score 1) 603

Comment Re:The numbers (Score 1) 545

It isn't entrapment. No solicitation from the "girl" of any sort, implied or explicit. Is it entrapment to leave a car unlocked in a parking lot with a package in it at Christmas time and wait for someone to take it?

This kind of logic leads to "blame the victim" mentality. "She was asking for it, where that short skirt".

Please understand what entrapment is. It includes ENTICING someone to commit a crime they normally wouldn't commit. Normal people would NOT steal a package out of a car, and NORMAL people won't solicit sexual acts to or from a ten year old.

Comment Re:The numbers (Score 1) 545

Humans are both "not rational" and "highly rational" often minutes apart from each other. The "not rational" side is almost always emotionally tied "reaction" (fear, happiness, horny) and tied to uncontrolled impulses. The rational side is much more cerebral and happens once a person has gained a good grasp of their emotions.

Some people let their lives be ruled by their emotions, without any forethought into anything "I want _________" and then they rationalize any reason why later. And by rationalize, I have seen humans rationalize some really horrific acts because it gets the results they are looking for.

People who live by acting on their emotions scare the crap out of me.

Comment Re:I hope the authorities can make use of the info (Score 1) 545

I find that any number (of people who enjoy the exploitation of children) higher than 0 to be too high.

Oh, come now - Someone has to thread those bobbins, the crawl-space doesn't fit an adult, and midgets have become increasingly scarce thanks to modern medical science.

/ Handbasket, please.

Comment Re:We need a workers government (Score 1) 465

No, the authors of the Constitution designed a society specifically set up to place wealthy, white, male landowners in exclusive control of society. Slavery was built into the system from the start.

No, they designed a distributed government of limited powers. History and documents and letters from the founders show that the founders wanted to eliminate slavery when the Constitution was written, but they would have lost the southern states and consequently the revolutionary war against the British if they did not ignore the issue at that time.

"Great as the evil of slavery is, a dismemberment of the union would be worse." - James Madison

"There is not a man living who wishes more sincerely than I do to see a plan adopted for the abolition of slavery." - George Washington

"Every measure of prudence therefore ought to be assumed for the eventual total extirpation of slavery from the United States. I have, throughout my whole life, held that the practice of slavery is an abhorrence." - John Adams

There are many more.

As to the "3/5ths" issue, it was only for purposes of the census that slaves were counted as 3/5ths of a person so that the slave-owning states did not acquire an unfair advantage in the number of their representatives in Congress and block any effort to end slavery.

Slavery in the American colonies was started by a black man, Anthony Johnson, who owned a tobacco farm, not a white man. Anthony Johnson, a black, fought in the courts to become the first slave owner in the US. The first black US Senator was Hiram Revels in 1870. The army was non-segregated up until President Woodrow Wilson (D) segregated it.

Concepts like ordinary citizens being able to vote for their national legislators were specifically circumvented.

Voting was at first limited to land owners as a practical matter, as they were the only ones likely to be educated enough to be literate and comprehend what they voted upon, and would be the ones paying the taxes to fund the results. This changed after literacy rates improved.

If you meant the time prior to the 17th Amendment changing US Senate seats from State legislature-elected positions to citizen-elected positions, I believe that was wrong and that Amendment should be changed back to Senate seats being elected by State legislatures, as it has taken too much power away from the States and resulted in a nearly omnipotent Federal government.

Yes, the Constitution contained some good ideas; it's not pure evil, and parts are salvageable. But, neither is it a blueprint for a free and equal society, though it has frequently been mythologized as such.

The US Constitution has resulted in the most free & equal society ever to exist as a nation. Nothing is ever perfect or can ever be perfect that is made by man. Don't allow perfect to be the enemy of good.

Go read some history from first sources, not someone else's interpretations. Read the Federalist and Anti-Federalist papers if you want to know what the founders intended regarding the Constitution in their own words. As you demonstrate with your reply, much of that history has been re-written or suppressed.


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