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Submission + - Why Richard Stallman Should Be The Next Microsoft CEO 1

theodp writes: On Wednesday, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg struck back at critics who have charged tech companies with doing too little to fight off NSA surveillance. While Yahoo, Facebook, and other tech firms are pushing for the right to be allowed to publish the number of requests they receive from the spy agency, none of the CEOs appear to be man-or-woman-enough to up the ante beyond a Mother-May-I protest. Well, Bunky, that's where the soon-to-be-Ballmer-less Microsoft — and Richard Stallman — come into the picture. Much like Ralph Nader was with the auto industry, Stallman has shown he's unlikely to ask for permission or forgiveness when it comes to matters of the software freedom and privacy heart, even if it's not in his financial best interest. So, why not make RMS iMicrosoft-CEO-for-a-Day, just long enough to spill the beans on the Fed snooping in his own indomitable way? The Microsoft Board could fire his butt immediately after the revelations, and Stephen Elop could take over the reins and not have to go through the charade of making a principled stand for Microsoft in the NSA mess. Aside from possible treason charges, it's win-win!

Comment Re: For those of you that don't RTFA... (Score 5, Insightful) 378

You're right -- liquids over 100ml are still not permitted through the checkpoint.

Can't you just see the hilarity that would ensue if a passenger (or nearly all passengers for extra "Keystone"-factor) urinated into a >100ml container (besides the onboard holding tank) while in-flight, let it be known to the attendants/crew, and video recorded what happens?

So sick of the security theater. Even a good number of the people who, up till a couple of years ago, have been supportive of the TSA silliness are waking up and becoming ever-more disillusioned, angry, and disgusted. Hopefully enough will finally awake to change things sooner rather than later.

I say that, instead of putting all those TSA employees out of work, we simply re-task them to a more useful and productive role in society.

Picking up litter along all public roads, streets, and highways. Hell, have 'em clean alongside passenger railway lines, too. Take away their security toys and give them trash bags, buckets, rakes, & brooms. They wouldn't even need to change the agency initials.

"Trash and Sanitation Authority"

Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

I bet those fleets of nifty huge TSA SUVs and armored vehicles can move a lot of litter!

I'd even thank them for their hard work in that case, unlike now. At least it would be a respectable and useful job that actually benefits everyone and the environment at the same time it puts low-skilled people in stable jobs. It could also be a way to immensely reduce inmate recidivism rates by transitioning paroled prison inmates through such a job to a non-criminal, employed, and productive life with hope & opportunity.


Comment Re: What do you mean by "can"? (Score 1) 259

Montana may have no access to a seaport, but it controls a good part of the national rail network, and has sufficient resources for export tariffs, and that no citizen ever need go hungry.

And I don't see distance as a drawback -- what business does the state have regulating anything larger than a county, which in MT are about the size of NH? :)

Comment Re:Legal and NSA (Score 3, Insightful) 328

I love it, a completely frank leader.
Weiner for president. (as long as he runs independent of the Repubmocrats)
Put on a campaign shirt and show them your Weiner.
Fly high the finger of foreign policy. Put Weiner in to relieve the stress.
Hell, he's gonna be single now, so he won't be distracted from his stiff agenda.
No one bats an eye at a single Weiner doing his job. A stable Weiner is ABOVE the nuts,with a powerful head.
Women voters agree he ejaculates potent politics and they swell with pride for accepting Weiner.
So please, open up and let Weiner in.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 552

Exactly. What good is a drive with a hundred million hours before physical failure if it commits data-suicide every 4-12 weeks? Maybe I'm just weird, but I don't *care* whether a drive (like the OCZ Vertex 2, for example) technically isn't "broken", and "only" has to be "securely erased" to temporarily make it usable again for a few weeks until its next episode of eternal amnesia. If it happens once, it's a random fluke. If it happens twice in six months, the drive is fucked and useless for its intended purpose.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 2) 552

> What makes you think you can't take FLASH devices and access them in a similar way to platters?

Sandforce controllers enforce mandatory AES encryption that can't be disabled, using a key that can't be recovered or set to a known value. So if your controller decides to quit allowing you to access your data, unsoldering the chips won't do you any good, because the values you read from them might as well be random noise.

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