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Comment Re:This is easy... (Score 1) 447

Well, sure, but copyright allows the rights holder to exclude users and uses of their content. If they say you can only use access this content on the third sunday of a month while hopping on one foot, they have the right to set those conditions or deny you access if you decline to adhere to them. It feels to me that if you oppose DRM on these grounds, you must also be opposed to proprietary software licenses.

Comment Re:Bias (Score 1) 447

I dont think purveyors of DRM systems view them as being flawless. The point is not to make it impossible to pirate content but to make it inconvenient enough that the average consumer wont do it. HDCP, CSS, FairPlay, AACS etc. have been very effective at that.

Comment Re:Finally a group that gets it! (Score 1) 447

Is that true though? Lots of protected content is distributed through systems that use standardized encryption / content protection mechanisms (HLS, for example). However it sounds like your issue is in fact ideological ("DRM is bad"), which is fine, but just your perspective. I wonder how many of Netflix's 33 million subscribers have a similar perspective. My guess would be - not enough to matter.

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