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Comment Light Counter? (Score 2) 499

I've often wondered why a timer is not displayed in the green/yellow. They are almost all LED now, so it would not be that hard to have the number of seconds left (full on is >=10) in inverse video. (number is dark on a green/yellow foreground). I know I will look to see if the walk sign has a counter going when the light is green to give me an indication if a yellow is likely or not. Knowing how many seconds are left on the yellow/green would give me nearly infinitely more info than just the 3 lights.

Comment Re:Paying for a fix that should have in place? (Score 1) 132

The car analogy is simple. The uber secure keyless systems in cars turned out to be insecure like the hotel rooms. Maybe a tad more difficult to break, but still very breakable. BMW is one of the lucky ones to be hacked. Just one example

Comment Re:Target Market (Score 1) 171

Maybe about a decade ago. Caddy changed focus with the GEN-I sigma platform CTS/CTSV. The GEN-II sigma platform in 08 on the CTS and 09 CTS-V was aimed squarely at BMW 5/M5. In fact until the new M-5 this year, the M was trounched by the CTSV. Now the new ATS is aimed at the 3 series with a V version probably out next year. The new GEN-III CTS is due out next year with a V version probably the year after. The MRC's in the ATS and CTS-V are amazing. They offer a very firm planted ride while not being overly harsh. Most car rags describe the bmw's with the firm sport suspension as being too harsh of a ride, and the regular suspension is not as planted as the caddy's MRC's. So no I think your incorrect in thinking caddy is still targeting old people. Shoot even the bieb's (cringe) has a CTSV coupe in his stable.

Comment Re:NPR Looked at Pizza Delicious (Score 1) 400

As I said in my comment, I am not typical, I don't use facebook, never have, no plan to either. Curious though, on your facebook account, does the restaurant magically have access to what you see when you login? Don't you still have to go to the restaurant's wall to see the discount? And again, how would that be different than bookmarking the restaurant's web page and then clicking in your browser to see if they are running a special. Better still, the restaurant could have an email they send to interested parties when there is a deal. Or even a text. Again, I just don't see where facebook brought anything to the table.

Comment Re:NPR Looked at Pizza Delicious (Score 1) 400

I wonder if said restaurant had a web page, and regulars knew it by maybe something on the menu that said
"Watch for discounts on our web page"
and then every so often they'd offer 2 for one or something on their web page, would they get the same response? Is this really much different from having specials on facebook? I am probably anything but typical, but my view is if a biz does not have a web page, I think they are not very successful, I google for what I am looking for, and skip any facebook entries. I want to see their web page, which I would hope would have all the relevant information about the company, in a format they control completely, and not some lame wall.

Comment Communion (Score 0, Flamebait) 1128

Perhaps before anyone should be treated by a modern medical facility (I am looking at you cheney with your new heart) you must pledge you believe in science. Is this any different than requiring you to affirm your faith in god before taking comunion? I have never understood had these science naysayers can declare pi should be simplified to 3 or some other such drivel and in the same moment broadcast it on their web blog. People are just stupid.

Comment Re:Riiiight (Score 5, Interesting) 691

Yes, not good to underestimate the unintended consequences. Here in TX, they boosted the penalty of drunk driving especially when hitting someone. Now, when people hit someone drunk, they run if the car is still mobile, and then quickly go to a bar. Why? Because the penalty for hit & run is so much less. By going to a bar, a blood alcohol test can't be used to determine if you were drunk when you hit them. So now you are just charged with the lessor offence of hit & run.

Comment We won (lost) the bidding (Score 1) 113

The only reason apple is expanding is austin & TX had the highest bid, 21 mil state, 8.6 mil city. See for details. Note the high number is always the headline, 3600, but the actual number may be as low as 650. Personally, I think it should be completely forbidden for any govt entity to waive taxes/give incentives to sway a company to locate. It just turns it into a bidding war, and the people who lose the most are the locals.

Comment Re:See? (Score 1) 267

I think more likely it will be "hot" turkey this summer. Peak demand is A/C summer use, and with more plants offline this summer, it will be interesting. In the end, will being uncomfortably hot trump fear of nuke's? In the US, I know people would be screaming to turn them back on again so they can turn on their A/C.

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