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Comment Re:What does this statement mean? (Score 1) 390

Interesting the UK forbids repairs. I worked in a library in high school in the US and spent many an hour glueing paperbacks back together. Hardbacks were still fixable, but required more care with the glue. I'd say paperbacks would only last a few checkouts before repairs were needed. Hardbacks, the 26 number sounds reasonable, maybe slightly optimistic.

Comment Re:Asia goes up! (Score 1) 330

I think they also got a break on their electric rate. The city has just decided it needs a giant residential and low usage commercial rate increase. They are starting with raising the connection rate from $6.50/mo to $22/mo. I've not heard what the cents/kwh will be yet. Dunno how I feel about subsidizing samsung's electric bill along with their property tax bill.

Comment Re:Apples and Oranges (Score 1) 272

Wish I had mod points. So true. I recall my mother helping me and my brothers with english. Really just the fact my parents were interested in our performance and did not instantly blame the teacher was probably a good deal of the reason I did well in school. I am so tired of people blaming the schools. And oh, more money for the schools is always the answer. The answer is for parents to start caring about the lives they brought into this world and make sure those lives can survive after they leave the nest.

Comment Re:I learned the value of money by paying as I wen (Score 1) 1797

I also had the luxury of scholarships/jobs to pay for school and needed no loans. I firmly believe this is a good approach. BUT, living standards at dorms have become luxo condos level. The dorm I lived in could have been (and probably was) 2nd world war housing for troops. The walls were cinderblock, metal bunk beds, cheaply made units. It was a place to sleep and not much else. Perhaps if schools spent a little less on housing and alot less on stadiums & football coaches, maybe tuition would be less and not require so many student loans.

Comment Re:Swap the battery? (Score 1) 248

Agreed, here they steal outdoor condenser A/C units for the copper. I'm thinking you could make a whole lot more money on battery packs. Remember when people used to steal gas from a car. Whoa, 40-50 bucks for gas vs a very removable 10K battery pack. Electric's will be commuter cars unless they have the small gen like a volt. Recharging is just too slow. From the article and this is the fast charger... "

Still, the experience will have its shortcomings. Consider a Nissan Leaf that can go about 70 miles at highway speeds on a full charge. At the 80 percent charge delivered by a fast chargers, that drops to 56 miles, which youâ(TM)d cover in 48 minutes at 70 m.p.h. That means travelers would spend as much time charging as they would driving." "

Comment Re:Hardware (Score 1) 311

No its not, EVERYTIME she calls me it happens. I ask again, what could she be doing wrong. I know the crappy phone has a prox sensor, I am not stupid. How is she using it that causes this problem. Somehow she hits the mute button and the prox sensor does not think the phone is against her face. No she is not being a cunt. She is a total non-tech, and it happens ALOT. It happens mid-sentence in many cases. When it happens I just start repeating "mute button". Has anyone else seen this? And no I don't need fanboi's like YOU to praise this crappy phone that fails as a phone. I know your cool and all, but I am asking a real question. What is she doing and how can she avoid it. I know she cradles it with her shoulder, is that it?

Comment Re:Hardware (Score 0) 311

Curious, a friend of mine owns an iphone, every time we talk & I mean EVERY TIME, she somehow manages to hit the mute button with her chin. The end result from my perspective is the phone utterly fails as a phone. I don't know if it is the proximity sensor is bad or what, but I just don't see how anyone would use this thing as a phone with this problem. Is she doing something stupid? I've had many brands of phones and have never seen this. This is her 2nd iphone and it happened on her previous one as well, so I don't think it was a defect of just this one phone. I am just baffled. Does cool factor outweigh usability as a phone?

Comment Re:And the sad part is... (Score 1) 478

In TX they do, I have served twice on juries for traffic court. 6 instead of 12 jurors. Both were hilarious. Speeding in both cases. I think the defendant is just hoping the officer doesn't show up, but in both cases I served on, they did. In both cases, as soon as the defendant opened their mouth, you could tell they were not holding a full deck and had no defence whatsoever. Deliberation took about a minute.

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