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Submission + - Skill in Recognizing Faces Peaks after Age 30

An anonymous reader writes: Scientists have made the surprising discovery that our ability to recognize and remember faces peaks at age 30 to 34, about a decade later than most of our other mental abilities.Researchers Laura T. Germine and Ken Nakayama of Harvard University and Bradley Duchaine of Dartmouth College will present their work in a forthcoming issue of the journal Cognition.

Comment Re:MS is doing that (Score 2, Insightful) 345

The innovation that interests me is that i can buy one of a range of handsets but my OS gets updated by microsoft.
If microsoft lives up to their promises i will have copy and paste, and limited multi-tasking, and presumably other cool stuff 12 months down the track.
I would love android to succeed but i fear it will be harmed when customers are pissed off paying $800 for a phone that their carrier refuses to update to the latest version only 12 months down the track. How may 1.5 owners will get 2.2?
apple got it exactly right with the iPhone - they deliver iOS updates. The downside being you don't have the choice with the hardware (not that the harware is bad - i love my iPod Touch).
The evil guys here are Telstra, Optus and Vodaphone (insert local equivalents). Maybe Google should step up to the plate for once and take some responsibility by distributing with the same model as Apple/Microsoft?

Comment Re:Preemptive Strike (Score 2, Insightful) 226

Microsoft will not have a closed app store model for winmo7 (although they will have their own app store). You can get an SDK and emulator right now - for free - and make XNA/Silverlight apps that can be downloaded to a winmo7 phone.

If you want to be an good Apple fan you should try not to spout nonsense - your ignorance makes Steve look bad.

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