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Comment Re:NPC village mod (trade, quests, building...) (Score 1) 87

Congratulations on totally missing the point.

While I must admit to finding Notch's disinterest in the conservation of CPU and GPU cycles personally irritating, and the complications involved in installing mods (such as Kinniken's Millenaire) as frustrating as hell - the fact remains that Notch has created something that is extraordinary to millions of people - including me.

Perhaps you have some expertise that i am unaware of, but your attitude suggests you have little understanding of what makes a game worthwhile. Notch has created not only a virtual ecosystem, but also a real one that has spwaned excellent mods like Millenaire, texture packs, downloadable worlds, Portal homages - not to mention the brilliant BlueXephos & HoneyDew Yogscast, or youtube fanvids from PaperBatVG and SlyFox. And that barely skims the surface.

I don't think you "have seen everything" Khyber, you have missed the Romance in Notch's universe - it has it's own beauty. It insprires wonder and fear, frustration and anger - whatever you like. It also has awesome people who are willing to take a risk and put their hard work out there - just for the glory of it. I agree with unigrad_2000 - I'm proud that people like Kinniken are on slashdot.

I'm also proud of my son who made a Minecraft fanvid and posted it to youtube entirely on his own. Admittedly it is 2 minutes and 11 seconds of pig slaughter, but it is something. (and if the authour of a famous minecraft mod were to leave a vaugely encouraging message e.g. "pigs are awesome - keep making videos" here he would be *so* happy :)
The Internet

Submission + - $300M to save 6 milliseconds? (

whoever57 writes: A new transatlantic cable (the first in 10 years) is going to be laid at the cost of $300M. The reason? To shave 6ms off the time time to transmit packets from London to New York. The Hibernian Express will reduce the transit time of 65 milliseconds by a mere 6 ms, however the investors believe that the financial community will be lining up to pay premium rates to use the new cable. The article suggests that a a one millisecond advantage could be worth $100M per year to a large hedge fund.
Open Source

Submission + - SCALE 10x Call For Papers Now Open (

An anonymous reader writes: SCALE 10x, the 2012 Southern California Linux Expo has opened its call for presentations. This year will be their 10th annual event. They will be expanding tracks to include topics around kernel development/tuning, introductory classes for new users, and a cloud/virtualization track. For more information see their call for papers. SCALE will be held January 20-22, 2012 in Los Angeles.

Submission + - Are you safer on the freeway than the hospital? (

NicknamesAreStupid writes: Many reports have shown that you are safer on America's road than in their hospitals (based on reported accidents due to errors). Now the SF Chronicle reports that Stanford University hospital "accidentally left its emergency patient records open on the web for a year." Is your medical history at risk as much as you are? Uh, well. Of course, Stanford had nothing to do with it, one of their contractors is to blame (according to the article). That makes it okay, right?

Submission + - Microsoft Office365, Hotmail Blacks Out Worldwide (

aesoteric writes: "Microsoft has suffered a major outage that is impacting services including Office365, Windows Live, Hotmail, Live@edu and MSN worldwide. The outage, which has been going for about an hour, has been confirmed by Microsoft who say they are working on a fix. Early speculation has linked it to a major blackout affecting Southern California although this has not been confirmed."

Submission + - Windows 8 will have super fast boot times (

An anonymous reader writes: This post describes about yet another blog post from Steven Sinofsky where he talks about new features in Windows 8. He talks extensively about how they planned to achieve faster bootup times for the operating system.

Submission + - revealing SQL (

An anonymous reader writes: If you visit using Google Chrome, their website appears to be revealing a lot of SQL queries used to show you their home page including database names, tables and IP addresses.

Submission + - "Cheap" Apple iPhone in The Works (

kingkaos69 writes: Apple has stated multiple times before that it was not interested in low-cost smartphones, but we know sometimes the market realities may force one company to change its strategies and politics. Apparently this has been the case this time for Apple, as it is reportedly preparing to introduce at least one...
First Person Shooters (Games)

Submission + - The modern FPS - as seen by the BBC in 1980 (

An anonymous reader writes: A year before the BBC tried to educate the computer-illiterate with the BBC Micro, it had already inadvertantly predicted the look and feel of the modern hi-res first-person shooter in an episode from the third season of its very low-budget 'Robin Hood in space' SF show 'Blake's 7'. The episode 'Death-Watch' is to videogame FPS prediction what the 'Star Trek' TOS episode 'A Taste Of Armageddon' is to the likes of turn-based strategy games such as .Sid Meier's Civilization'. This article contains a short video excerpt from the episode that will look familiar to fans of 'Gears Of War' and the 'Half-Life' franchise. Ironically, if the BBC had had any real budget to work with, they would have got it wrong...

Submission + - Skill in Recognizing Faces Peaks after Age 30

An anonymous reader writes: Scientists have made the surprising discovery that our ability to recognize and remember faces peaks at age 30 to 34, about a decade later than most of our other mental abilities.Researchers Laura T. Germine and Ken Nakayama of Harvard University and Bradley Duchaine of Dartmouth College will present their work in a forthcoming issue of the journal Cognition.

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