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Comment Re:Make it static. (Score 1) 586

While the GP may be exaggerating a bit, this this study quotes frighteningly close numbers, and they only track up to 2007, while stating that

..there has been an "astounding" 36.1% drop in the wealth (marketable assets) of the median household since the peak of the housing bubble in 2007. By contrast, the wealth of the top 1% of households dropped by far less: just 11.1%.

Wikipedia has informations dated 2001, but with a later note mentioning the same trend.

Comment Re:only in the US (Score 1) 622

Archos doesn't run Android. It does run Linux, but a heavily modified and completely closed version of it. It cannot be extended in any way with self-made applications, all "plug-ins" as they call them must be bought from their store. This includes stuff like a web browser or video codecs for popular formats. I have heard that Archos 7 runs Android, but the one I've played a bit with in a store didn't resemble its interface at all, didn't have any visible link to Google's market and the documentation did not mention any SDK or such. Also, their latest player (v. 9) runs Windows.

Comment Re:Well... (Score 1) 479

Dear Lord, this is insane! Did I read this correctly - the user picks a file in the upload dialog, and then you can read the entire directory it was in without any additional confirmation? I don't have a system available to test this, but do strongly doubt that it's possible without an ActiveX control.

Comment Re:Portrayal (Score 2, Interesting) 215

I did this kind of purchase at one time, for a perfectly valid reason. A rogue accountant deleted company data to cover his ass, but was keeping encrypted backups before that. I could undelete several archives, but they were .ace unfortunately, and there are no solutions I am aware of to at least brute-force it (their decompression .dll crashes randomly). If, at the time, someone would have told me that a Radeon card can increase my chances of recovery, I would have bought ten of them instantly.

Comment Bad presentation format (Score 1) 235

While the information and images were interesting, why the annoying tiny Flash scrollbar that doesn't follow the mouse wheel? And also, why constrain the text in that smallish box that doesn't allow copy/paste?
Something like JCarousel would have served their purposes much better and looked nicer.

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