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Comment Re:VirtualBox lost... (Score 1) 289

Cost had better be included in the review. It was not an issue for me when I bought Parallels ver.3 - there simply was no alternative for the Mac, but: I was a happy user until it OS X upgrades broke it, and now I had to choose ver.5 (the current one, and the one this review should have targeted).
  First there was a $80 bill, now (ver3 does not qualify for upgrade price), another $80 and I evaluated quite carefully whether I do want to pay $160, $240 and so on for this type of software, one that I would never upgrade unless forced by other factors.
  I spent a couple weeks with the trial version installed, and decided that yes, it has improved enough to claim the money. This is very important, and there are dozens of applications on my system that have failed this evaluation (WinRar 2, Office 2003, Windows XP, a lot of games).
  Should I ever install VMWare or VirtualBox, they better be as good as Parallels +/- the price difference, and they should promise continuous improvement.

Comment Faster than many.. (Score 2, Informative) 275

..but not faster than the DNS service I run on my computer. It is trivial to install, provides a very simple service, and is as flexible as I might want it to be. A personal note on networking in general: whoever steps into the Internets and does not run a resolver that allows recursive queries should be banned.

Comment Re:Cloud Computing(TM) (Score 1) 264

Anyone is clueless until they manage the first transition. I do wish schools - at any level - would offer such in-depth training, or all that companies would behave responsibly by sending their tech to specialised "seminars" or however they are called for important tasks where they know the employee is insecure in his/her knowledge before taking the plunge, but it doesn't work like this in the real world. Sometimes, you can attribute to malice what seems like incompetence.

Comment MS will never develop cross-platform (Score 1) 200

Microsoft themselves will now be developing and shipping products based on those heterogeneous platforms, including 5 versions of Unix

  I was worried, to say the least, when Microsoft bought Gecad, the makers of RAV antivirus in 2007. My worries were confirmed: they killed one of the best security products in the world, one that ran on both desktops and servers, on various operating systems, backed by enterprise support and by a healthy community. Their demise was so sudden, I was still buying copies of their software bundled with new computers on retail stores after they were officially dead. We were, and still are, a long time customer of Gecad, to this day I didn't receive any plausible explanation on what happened.

  I wish the best of luck to all existing Teamprise customers, but there is little hope for them if they are not Windows-centric.

Comment News alert (Score 1) 113

November, 2015: the world's first and only legal movie torrents tracker announces a breakthrough as they register more than over 100 (one hundred) simultaneous active transfers. The website's administrator, who strangely declined to reveal his name (mumbling something about a "revoked geek card") credits the help and careful surveillance of the RIAA for this feat. The RIAA spokesman adds: "We are more than content with the outcome of our 1.5 (one point five) billion dollars investment in trained personnel, storage for copies of every published work in existence, recognition software and processing raw power. We look forward to the new H2D2 video formats stored on petabyte-sized disks, that will double our investment and your satisfaction".

Comment Re:hugely popular? (Score 1) 179

No just people from the UK.

Bullshit, we paid for the content, we want BBC worldwide to make some money off you foreigners

Nice opinion, thank you for being such a sport.

The public don't care, those that do don't hate the iPlayer because it has no DRM

What?? 5. In order to meet the BBC's obligations to rights holders, the BBC will embed downloadable BBC with digital rights management security. - from here

I quite like the fact they dropped the P2P idea because it was silly to expect people to install a program to get VOD.

It is of course reasonable to expect people to install the Adobe AIR runtime and the iPlayer AIR application.

Comment Re:Don't say we (Score 1) 179

The British, and their old habit of trying to invalidate a controversial opinion by nitpicking on grammar or the accuracy of phrasing. The DRM present in iPlayer is not a subjective annoyance, and the people affected are not I. I can find my way to the nearest torrent tracker quite easily. Other people, with whom I was trying to work got bitten by it while trying to present the oh-so-glorious solution to an outside (outside of the UK, or out of network coverage) audience. For *me*, it was just a god laugh.

Comment hugely popular? (Score 0, Flamebait) 179

I would really like to see the criteria of whatever study classified the iPlayer as popular. Nobody likes it. Nobody wants it. Through several iterations in its life, it has failed again and again in ridiculous ways. We the public hate its DRM and regional limits - even for shows that should be in the public domain, we hate the fact that BBC dropped the P2P idea because they couldn't figure out how to get it to work, we hate is clumsy and CPU-hungry interface, we hate it hate it hate it.
  What we DO want is the content offered through it, the high quality shows BBC has produced for more than half a century, this application is nothing but a clumsy annoying way to present them to the public.

Comment make (Score 0) 178

Make floor(3) round towards -inf instead of towards zero.

Floor? Really? Who was so bored they looked at a 20-year old function (the ANSI C standard was written in '89) and said: yes, there is room for improvement here!

At least they could have changed it to accept input in XML format :p

Comment Re:Also try Perl 6 (Score -1, Offtopic) 235

not as solid...

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