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Wii 2 Unlikely For 2011, Maybe In 2012 303

An anonymous reader writes "As discussed on Slashdot earlier this year, the lack of a next-generation Wii may be hurting Nintendo. That doesn't seem to concern the company's US chief, Reggie Fils-Aime, who said this week that a Wii 2 might not appear until 2012. He wants to sell a few million more consoles before a successor is launched. So, no Wii 2 for 2010 or 2011 — meanwhile, the PS3 and Xbox consoles get motion control support and other content enhancements. What does that mean for the success of Nintendo's gaming console business? Has the innovator been out-innovated due to a sluggish product roadmap?"

Comment Re:People use the search bar? (Score 3, Interesting) 267

I use Opera with an extremely minimalist setup. No nav buttons no search bars, just thin unobtrusive tabs and address bar. My mouse has back and forward buttons. I know where my F5 key is. To google I just right-click a word and search that (with google as my default search engine) or, more often, I just type "g [search term]", sans quotes and brackets obviously--in the address bar.

Though Chrome makes it one step easier by making anything that's not a properly formed URL into a search term, I still don't like Chrome compared to Opera....that DNS prefetch is terribly inconsistent.

Comment Re:hate to be a hater but, (Score 4, Insightful) 351

To be honest, if Microsoft didn't exist until recently I bet they'd be a very innovative and nimble company. much baggage in that company. Think of all of the windows was the general consensus that tablets were an answer searching for a question. Someone else made that happen. Think of how long ago Windows phones started appearing. They tried so hard and perhaps succeeded very successfully to maintain their 'windows experience' across these three 3rd cousins no avail.

Nearly 2 million Iphone4's sold in a few days time, over 100,000 Android activations a day, "blackberry" is now a verb...Hell, even the great-grandchild of the Palm Pilot made a more significant dent in the market years after schooling Microsoft in a different (but related) market years earlier.

...such interesting times.

Comment Re:Freeeeee Markeeeeeeeeeet! (Score 1) 234

Agreed. Sodium is sodium. Though common sense would dictate that if "high fructose corn syrup" is exactly that then "corn syrup" should be merely that. I just don't trust food labels to be so straight forward.

It's upsetting to me, as I try to watch what I eat very carefully. I like being aware of what I put in my body. It has lead me to a lifestyle where I very rarely by prepackaged food and opt to prepare everything my self. My lack of trust in this industry has also lead to me becoming nearly 100% vegetarian. You can't even trust raw meat to not be adulterated before arriving at the store.

...Have you tried to find a salad dressing that doesn't have HFCS and in insane amount of sodium in it that actually tastes edible? How come I can make my own rather easily that is rather tasty but I can't find a single one at the store?

Comment Re:Freeeeee Markeeeeeeeeeet! (Score 1) 234

While I also share your desire to not consume MSG or HFCS--or any refined fructose for that matter--I would have gone for the one with MSG and no corn syrup.

I have never been able to find any information that MSG is bad for you. Sure, there are holy wars on either side of the argument. There are inconclusive studies on both sides of the argument. There are people with a very specific sensitivity to it. But I have no seen anything conclusive.

HFCS on the other hand has a rather substantial amount of information regarding now just how bad it is for you but how it is bad for you.
It's funny.  Laugh.

What If They Turned Off the Internet? 511

theodp writes "It's the not-too-distant future. They've turned off the Internet. After the riots have settled down and the withdrawal symptoms have faded, how would you cope? asked readers to Photoshop what life would be like in an Internet-addicted society learning to cope without it. Better hope it never happens, or be prepared for dry-erase message boards, carrier pigeon-powered Twitter, block-long lines to get into adult video shops, door-to-door Rickrolling, Lolcats on Broadway, and $199.99 CDs."

Comment Re:PSU (Score 4, Informative) 274

I was just about to mention this. I used to work in a mom-n-pop shop, the only one in the area, for a long time.

I have seen some of the most ridiculous problems that were PSU related. Serial mouse not working, VGA card outputting in B&W, slow and or intermittent performance, HD's that constantly reset (and sound like click of death in the process), new memory being blown, known good memory acting like bad memory, CD-R's that can't burn (or finish burning successfully), software modems that couldn't go off hook, AGP cards crashing, PCI cards crashing, VLB SCSI cards not working at all.

The list really just goes on and on and on. Software to diagnose faulty PC hardware? Sorry, no thanks. I had tried all manner of diagnostic and test software over the years. Some worked some of the time. (mem tests and HD scanners), the rest were borderline use-less pieces of crap. Not only that, but because of faulty PSU's (usually overloaded, or just old, or overheating, etc etc etc) I have seen those same programs misdiagnose just about everything.

Aside from simple sensor reading and verification (of code, built in HW diagnostics, etc) I do no trust 'software based' hardware diagnosis, especially on a PC.


Comment I've got a wild idea... (Score 2, Interesting) 501

Why not upgrade the infrastructure to support the usage they have been advertising and people have been using?

Simply ridiculous.

"People are using the phone in a manner consistent with how we told them they could use it! Upgrade the network to meet our promises? Wrong. Change the pricing structure. This problem is clearly the consumers fault."

Comment Re:Justifying piracy (Score 3, Insightful) 793

Yes. The artist chose to make these arrangements. They signed up to be screwed over by a morally corrupt organisation. Voluntarily. Perhaps they weren't familiar with how these companies operate. Perhaps, as an artist, they were merely ignorant to the fact that they could have sold their wares themselves and kept all the money. Perhaps They felt they needed big-dollar representation for something or other.

If that's the case they were wrong. Given the compensation typical for a struggling artist (or even a minor-league success story) signed to an RIAA label. Selling his CD's himself, even with a signifigantly lower volume I have a hard time believing they would have trouble being just as broke as they already are.

Ignorance may explain the situation, but it does not excuse it.

How about this, if these artists were doing the suing themselves do you think they would ask for $1,920,000 in damages? ...and if they were directly awarded that, do you think they would be able to sleep at night?

Comment Re:Justifying piracy (Score 5, Interesting) 793

...and I might agree with most of what you say if the content-creators (the Artists, not their representatives) were seeing this money directly.

As a recording and performing musician who is both excited by the limitless distribution and disgusted with their treatment of artists I find you personally offensive. Furthermore I also find you to be nothing more than a rhetoric spewing fool of the lowest order. I hope you choke on those party lines you parrot off mindlessly.

GTFO, troll.

Comment Oh Noes!11!! (Score 0, Flamebait) 246

You think the Earth's environment is something of tantamount importance? WE NEED TO STOP THE INSANITY!

Can't you see?

This type of technology is starting a race to the impending heat death of the universe!

Won't somebody think of the childrens childrens childrens childrens childrens childrens childrens childrens children?

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