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Comment Re:Oh. (Score 4, Interesting) 353

I know you're kidding, but Time Capsule has been upsold in the past for a similar reason.

Remember from the .Mac suite? It was touted as a complete remote backup solution for a couple of years, until Apple changed their tune in Knowledge Base articles and began describing it as a modest service intended for browser bookmarks and user settings. The reason? Restoring files was prone to data loss.

Time Capsule + Time Machine appeared shortly thereafter, and Apple made a big, intentional splash about how this particular hardware and software combination will keep your data safe.

Comment (Almost) All of the Above (Score 1) 460

Although I voted for chair, I believe it's a combination of most of these choices. Getting a decent chair at home, and bugging my employer for a replacement, made a significant difference to my overall health.

But after setting my chair up (with the help of a kinesiologist), it became clear that I also needed a desk at the right height (I'm 6'4"), and should keep the keyboard fairly close, slightly off-centre, and at the proper angle. I moved my monitor further away, too.

Of course, this is all completely subjective, but I think it's wise to consider all of these things when setting up a workstation.

Comment Bad Merge (Score 1) 94

This is so unfortunate. IHT was great before the merge, which was touted as a "new" version of IHT. Instead, they just canned it and attempted to transfer its content to the existing NYT site. And did a dreadful job, it seems.

I understand the logic - newspapers need to cut costs because they can't figure out the internet and it is killing them. But they lost a dedicated reader in me with this move.

Comment Why Hedge on Open Office? (Score 3, Interesting) 207

So, Oracle admits they 'need' MySQL, which may or may not complement their core business, but then ducks a question on the future of OpenOffice, saying they can't comment on any product line. Isn't MySQL a product line, too? Why comment on the future of one and not the other? Sun employees, start twisting in the wind...

Comment Re:refunds (Score 1) 437

They paid for a ticket for The Wrath of Khan, but that's not what they got. If it were me I'd be raising hell.

I believe most cinemas will refund your ticket if you leave within the first 15 minutes of the film. YMMV.

On the other hand, though, who do you think is attending a screening of a "special, extended version" of The Wrath of Khan? It's a safe play for the organizers to assume that it will be mostly die-hard fans, and "rewarding" them with a surprise showing of a brand-new Star Trek film is a very inexpensive and effective publicity stunt. (FWIW, I read about this first in the mainstream media.)

I'm as cynical as most about Star Trek and Hollywood. But this is pretty cool, especially the introduction by Leonard Nimoy.

Comment Re:Glad to see.. (Score 1) 1188

Shove it. I got "rich" from working my ass off in college, earning three fucking degrees, working my ass off at work, and most importantly saving every penny I earn until I had a million dollars. So shove your "you must be a crook" attitude up your shit-filled ass.

Don't sugarcoat it, man.

Comment Re:Nonsense (Score 1) 1127

Developers are critical of their own code.

I'm not completely convinced of that. Sure, they all refactor their own code, but at some point they come up against their ego about it, consciously or not. This is why testers should be different people than coders - the tester won't have any reason to hold back, and the software will be better for it.


Submission + - Adobe To Take Photoshop Online

Mr. Linton writes: "In this CNET article Adobe is apparently planning to take Photoshop to the web. From the article: "the hosted Photoshop service is set to be free and marketed as an entry-level version of Adobe's more sophisticated image-editing tools, including Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. Chizen envisions revenue from the Photoshop service coming from online advertising.""

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