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Comment Shamless self promotion... (Score 5, Informative) 72

I also have a feature film recently completed and to free download via TPB and stream via Youtube. It's a comedy/horror called The Amateur Monster Movie and is similar in style to Shaun of the Dead.

We have a second film in post production right now to be released in Spring 2013 and a third in preproduction looking for a 2014 release. Most likely they will be released for free as well. You can find more info on our website. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Comment Re:Tired of Luddites calling higher FPS "soap oper (Score 1) 599

Are you sure the CMOS sensors (specifically in the RED) actually simulate the same exposure pattern of a mechanical rotating disc shutter? I assume a CMOS reads line by line from left to right. However with a rotating disc shutter it's not exposed in that fashion. For example if the disc was rotating clockwise the first part of the film being exposed in the lower left corner of the frame and the last would be the lower right.

The other reason I believe this is true is because during a pan on a CMOS sensor you will see the "rolling shutter" artifacts. If you actually simulated a spinning disc depending on the direction and speed of you pan you could negate the artifact in one direction and potentially make it worse in the other.

I also believe this to be true because most high end digital cinema cameras still use a true mechanical shutter. Having this seems pointless if the sensor was capable of simulating the exact same exposure pattern as a real shutter.

Comment Re:Tired of Luddites calling higher FPS "soap oper (Score 1) 599

I believe this 360 degree shutter angle is something you do with most digital cameras because they don't have a real mechanical shutter. I'm not sure if cameras actually simulate the rotating disc by reading the sensor in the order they would be exposed by a rotating disc or if they just read top to bottom/left to right. A big issue with digital video cameras is rolling shutter artifacts which can be "sorta" corrected in post. Otherwise using a camera with a global shutter is another solution.However, I believe most high end digital cinema cameras do actually have physical rotating shutters.

Comment Re:CGI wishes (Score 1) 282

Usually this is true. However, on set the crew is so much larger that the total cost to shoot it isn't worth it. Not to mention digital effects scale well. You can just give tons of artists different shots and split up the workload. You only have one main crew when actually filming it. Often it's just easier/cheaper/faster to do more CG.

Comment Re:When comparing to Netflix... (Score 3, Interesting) 119

They should buy up indy content. Sure, they can't buy content in nice big packages but they won't be forced content they don't want in these bundles like Netflix seems to suffer from. For every good show/fiilm they stream there is 100 more they got because it was in a bundle. The production value on non studio tv/film is getting really high really fast. This could be a great outlet for original content made outside the normal channels.

Maybe it's time to reward everyone who helped make YouTube what it is today by giving them an outlet for producing higher quality content that will never see the light of day on current TV/Film distribution methods.

Comment Re:And for good reasons... (Score 1) 227

I've recently met Vilmos Zsigmond ( ) recently when he came to town for a screening of Close Encounters and did a lighting demo with Q&A. He went on at length about film vs digital. He essentially said with digital his job really don't change. It's as simple as working with another film stock. However he does prefer film because he felt digital was actually TOO sharp.

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