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Comment Re:What happened as a result? (Score 1) 1100

We know wtf happened. It's all over the fossil record. Sea levels rose, species died out, new ones emerged.

The problem here is that it's going to be very fast. Instead of changing over hundreds of millenias (which is very rapid indeed by geological standards), this is going to change in a matter of decades.

1) The temperature changes predicted are very small compared to the various "great dyings" we do see in the fossil record.
2) Temperature changes of this size have already occured in the course of human history and were non-fatal. Which was my original point.
3) I am neither american, christian nor rich. Just skeptical. Keep your trollish statements to yourself.

Comment Re:You find it hard to believe? (Score 2, Insightful) 1100

ok let me rephrase because you clearly didn't understand.

If global temperatures are going to go up by 2 C, then it would be useful to find out when the last time in history the earth was 2 C warmer than it is now and what happened as a result, no?

Because of the constant change in global temperatures (I assume you're not going to argue against the fact that there have been ice ages) it is likely that this temperature has happened at some point in the past.

If it has happened in human history (and evidence suggests that it has) then any catastrophe that they are predicting would have happened already.

I'm not denying that the climate changes, and I'm not denying that humans have had an impact, I'm simply questioning the doomsday senarios that appear hyped up in the media and from politicians. It is you, by angrily dismissing this out of hand, that is showing religious fevour, not I.

Comment Re:Just what we need (Score 4, Insightful) 1100

We know there has been natural global cooling - ice ages and the like, so it would make complete sense for there to have been natural global warming at some point too.

We also know in the UK the romans (circa 100BC) grew grapes almost up to the scottish borders, something not possible today because it's too cold.

So, the climate has always been changing, and while it's almost certain that humans have made an impact on the environment, I find it very hard to believe that the results will be catastrophic.

Comment Re:An abuse of the free market system. (Score 4, Insightful) 624

You're wrong.

High frequency trading means that more trades happen in general. This extra competition to fill orders drives down the difference between the buy and sell prices and greatly reduces arbitrage situations (ie, the difference in price between the same stock listed on different exchanges and possibly in different currencies).

So, if you buy or sell a something, you're giving less money to the market-makers and you're getting a more "correct" price. It levels the playing field.

And it's true that arbitrage and hifi trading are a zero-sum game. That's why it's an arms-race at this point.

Comment Re:It's all about the data (Score 4, Informative) 301

Almost! It's actually about the location of the data center, i.e, close to the exchange. A fast, low latency connection to the exchange gives you a crucial edge over the competition. It means when things change you can get your trades in before your competition does. This is ever more important in the up-and-coming automated trading systems.

Submission + - 10 years of Winamp (

Will Fisher writes: "On 10/10 at 10:10 the 10th anniversary edition of Winamp (version 5.5) was launched. Winamp has been a central part of the mp3 revolution, and is now staging a resurgence. Key features of this new release are a completely new interface (but you can still use all your old winamp skins), album artwork and remote access of your media. Wired has a good write-up of the release."
Portables (Apple)

Submission + - Apple Cuts Linux iPod Users Off (

Will Fisher writes: "New iPods will no longer be able to work with Linux. iTunes now writes some kind of hash (SHA1, md5?) to the iPod database which new iPods check against. If this check fails then the iPod reports that it contains 0 songs. This appears to be protection against 3rd party applications writing out their own databases. We haven't found out how to generate our own valid hashes (but we do know the hash includes the database itself, and possibly the iPod serial number), and are looking for help."

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