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Submission + - The Ultimate Lock Picker (

TheUnFounded writes: "Marc Weber Tobias can pick, crack, or bump any lock. Now he wants to teach the world how to break into military facilities and corporate headquarters. But Tobias isn't crazy. Far from it. He's a professional lock breaker, a man obsessively--perhaps compulsively--dedicated to cracking physical security systems. He doesn't play games, he rarely sees movies, he doesn't attend to plants or pets or, currently, a girlfriend. Tobias hacks locks. Then he teaches the public how to hack them, too."

Submission + - Google Brain Search (

TheUnFounded writes: "Not sure if you forgot to brush your teeth this morning? Don't know why you're getting those strange looks? Google Brain Search uses Cadie technology to index your brain, thus improving the speed and accuracy of memory retrieval."

Submission + - Desktop/Laptop Sync

TheUnFounded writes: As I'm sure many of you do, I have both a laptop and a desktop that I use for doing development work. When I'm doing most of my work, I like my desktop — big power, big screens, and a comfortable setup. My laptop tends to sit mostly unused. Of course, when I do need to travel with my laptop then, it's horribly out of sync with my desktop. I use SVN for most of my code, so I can get at a lot of my work that way, but I always have little side projects I've started to test or play with something that's not in the repository. Not to mention just the random files I've got that aren't part of any project, but would be useful to have available on my laptop, or that one extra file I forgot to commit.

Anyway, I'm running Windows (yeah, I know), and I have a few basic requirements:
  • It needs to be easy to configure. Yes, I could set up 10 different scripts and have it work, but I'm looking for a simple solution. Preferably has a nice GUI, so my wife can have it running on her desktop/laptop setup as well.
  • Ideally, it will use differential backups. I would like to be able to sync via VPN if I forget to do so before I leave, and bandwidth could be an issue
  • -2-way syncing needs to work. If I make changes on one machine, and they can be merged, I just want it to happen without any extra work on my end

I've tried a number of applications, but they're all overly complex, difficult to configure, or just do the crappy "bulk copy" syncing. Does any such simple, seamless syncing software exist?

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