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Comment Re:Autodesk has 3 Animation packages (Score 1) 85

SoftImage was king. Alias Wavefront was a powerful contender, with different strengths and weaknesses.

Microsoft bought SoftImage, as a part of the effort to displace high-end Unix workstations with PC's running NT. It was all over, but the shouting. Alias transformed Wavefront into Maya in roughly this timeframe, while MS starved out "dot release" life support on SoftImage...

Submission + - My School Has Tricked Pupils Into Installing a Root CA on Their Laptops (

paddysteed writes: I go to secondary school in the UK. I went digging around the computers there and found that on the schools machines, there was a root CA from the school. I then suspected that the software they instruct windows users to install on their own hardware to gain access to the BYOD network installed the same certificate. I created a windows virtual machine and connected to the network the way that was recommended. Immediately afterwards I checked the list of root CA's, and found my school's.

I thought the story posted a few days ago was bad but what my school has done is install their certificate on people's own machines which I think is far worse. This basically allows them to intercept and modify any HTTPS traffic on their network. Considering this is a boarding school, and our only method of communicating to the outside world is over their network, I feel this is particularly bad.

We were not told about this policy and we have not signed anything which would excuse it. I confronted the IT department and they initially denied everything. I left and within 5 mins, the WiFi network was down then as quickly as it had gone down, it was back up. I went back and they confirmed that there was a mistake and they had "fixed" it. They also told me that the risk was very low and the head of networks told me he was willing to bet his job on it. I asked them to instruct people to remove the bad certificate from their own machines, but they claimed this was unnecessary due to the very low risk.

I want to take this further but to get the school's management interested I will need to explain what has happened and why it is bad to non technical people and provide evidence that what has been done is potentially illegal.

Comment Re:Insensitive clod (Score 1) 146

No cable, so my TV is used for playing video games and watching Netflix/Amazon videos.

So, it comes to less than 5 hours a week -- usually, I watch an occasional movie or an episode or two of some of my favorite shows.

With a full time job that entails travel, wife and a newborn baby, and school part-time, I am lucky if I get more than a couple of hours a week of "down time".

Comment Re:which he at first found "abominable", (Score 2, Insightful) 118

He also abhorred the violent creation of the Israeli nation, and was actively anti-Zionist.

Yet his work has been captured by the Hebrew University, and is used to glorify a nation who's creation he saw as tragic, and who's establishment he repudiated.

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Journal Journal: KVM recommendations

I appear to be in the market for a new KVM as my current one has all but stopped working. Any recommendations? Minimum 4 outputs. *Must* do VGA. My current one has mini-DIN for keyboard and mouse, which has sort of worked some of the time with USB-PS2 converters. I could probably go for a full USB only one, but I'd need to get new cables.

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