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Yes, but not really. ICQ/AOL were not broadcast media. (I admit, I only implied that in my post) Chats were mostly realtime, just like IRC.
Newsgroups and BBS had the broadcast non-realtime but not the "linking" functionality. I was not online pre-Internet. Communications were waaaaay too expensive in Europe for BBS to be practical, especially in a small country.
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Journal Journal: Moscow 6

It's funny - every time (and it happened a lot) that I would fly into Florida, the dominant thought in my mind would be "Men went to the moon from here."

In December, barring something unexpected, I'll be visiting Russia for the first time. Moscow to be specific. And all I can think about is Tolstoy's Anna Karenina. It's probably my single favorite book. I'm pretty excited though I'll need to bring my heavy coat.

Comment It's a special club (Score 1) 5

As The Offspring say, "The more you suffer, the more it shows you really care. Right?"

Of course I really haven't found anywhere better. There are some interesting discussions on Reddit sometimes. There are some good links at Hacker News but the discussion is usually not in a direction that is very interesting to me. Twitter is too constraining. Facebook? Well you know. It's useful to me in a social sense -- in that it helps me stay connected with non-technical people I care about. But it doesn't replace or compete with why I'm here.

So here I am. And I'll probably be here until they shut it down or something better comes along.

Comment Re:Why do you keep bothering with them? (Score 1) 5

There are a few programs that she needs to run that require windows or mac. I thought about going with apple but I wasn't sure about making that switch when everything else in my house is windows or linux. Going forward I may just make the jump.

But even if I moved towards mac/linux I'd still have at least one windows machine for games. So I was aiming to keep things simpler.

Anyway -- if Linux could do everything I needed, that would be it. But unfortunately that's not the case. And I've never been a fan of Apple products or their approach but it feels like Microsoft is pushing me in that direction with one bad decision after another.

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