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Journal Journal: Move from is complete, and GoDaddy foo

So first off, The Sunset Grill is now closed. All the redirects are in place as necessary with a simple index page in place - which seems to be pending load-over from the back-end box to the clone. =O.o=

The image gallery remains in place, as does the contact page, as contact also is relied upon heavily by other pages. This however will change.

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Journal Journal: ....and the move is mostly complete!

So, as far as that goes, I am calling the move officially "done". The photos from the various anime cons that were up on Northarc are loaded to Chez Vrolet, and a new index has been put up in the main tree.

Comment Re:Reject meaningless reports as to educate (Score 1) 360

Bear in mind my solution comes from experience. To answer the question, after (as I explained) the user is told multiple times on how to file a bug, then yes, it is, indeed, the user who is to blame. It's a bit like calling a support desk and telling them nothing more than that your computer doesn't work. (For all the tech knows, the computer is doing nothing more than sitting on the user's couch, watching daytime television, and drinking all of their beer.) Even better, it's like telling your mechanic that your car broke down and it needs to be fixed - but you failed to bring the car to the mechanic, let alone give the symptoms. Ain't nothing the mechanic can do at that point until they can isolate the problem. The user, in these cases, simply has not given the developer the tools needed to locate the bug in an expedient manner so as to get things moving along. Moreover, the blame goes on the person who finds the bug and fails to report in a useful way, not the developer - read on.

Consider the reality of programming. In coder land, you have people who are tasked with writing software, and if all is well, you have people who are tasked with finding initial major bugs in the form of a quality control department. In user land, you have people who expect that software is written correctly the first time every time. The reality, however, is in that, speaking for myself the only time I have ever successfully written a completely bug-free program is by 1) reading from a text and transcribing perfectly (and even then, there've been typos), or 2) writing an endless loop program in Applesoft BASIC as a child, just for kicks. On the other side of that coin, bugs happen - and software developers can't catch them on the dev side. There are seemingly infinite reasons for this to happen, but it boils down to one thing, I suppose: people just are not perfect. This is what beta testing is for - because when you really think of it, if you never get a program out of the clean room, you can't test it in the real world, and it won't be released for years, if ever, as a result of this, and if a user is beta testing a program, they need to be fully aware that stuff will break.

It's not to say that the developers need to write correct code, by any stretch - but as I indicate above, well, shite happens. But "it's broken" doesn't help anybody at all!

All considered, what I suggest here is a quick and dirty solution to an existing problem. It's far from elegant, all considered. But at the end of the day, if I just get user information that tells me something borked, and nothing more, I'm going to need more information. Presumably, what happened, what is supposed t happen, and how to reproduce. When you see plenty of reports that say little more than "that doesn't work", you kind of get to this point, and besides, there is no amount of business savvy, no certifications that can get around the fact that they need this information.

Comment Reject meaningless reports as to educate (Score 1) 360

Plain and simple.

Create a page document shows guidelines on how to submit bug reports, and send an email to all users that says that this is where the guidelines for filing bug reports live.

When you get a report that doesn't help, close the report with a referral to said document. This, of course, presumes that your users get email reports on the status of bug reports. If they complain that nothing is getting done, refer them to the page again, with a statement that you require more information for the bug report to be useful.

This said, be clear on what, say, YSOD is. TLAs and ETLAs are meaningless outside of context.

Comment Re:Reflection? (Score 1) 398

You know, there was a case where a cop body slammed a 15-year old girl into the concrete wall of a jail cell, threw her to the ground, and proceeded to punch her in the head a few times (with assistance from another cop, of course) and kick her in the stomach, before dragging her out of the cell by her hair. In the process of beating the shit out of a girl half his size, he accidentally whacked his shin against the metal toilet. He brought her up on charges of assault for his injured leg.

Comment Re:What is with the UK and all this surveillance a (Score 1) 398

Police officers in the US are declaring that pepper spray is too inhumane to use... on police officers. It's just fine and dandy to use on unarmed people sitting down.

They will stand there and feed you this line of psychopathic bullshit with a straight face and be honestly unable to figure out how they earned the title "largest street gang in America".

Comment Re:Mod parent up! (Score 5, Informative) 360

> If it's a C++ app, then sure, having a built-in crash reporting mechanism shouldn't be that hard to build in

That's precisely what I do. The default exception handling routine sends an email to me with the app, version, username, machine id, error description, call stack, and any useful data that that I saw fit to include while coding. It has saved me mountains of pain over the years, and also fuels my reputation as the all-seeing eye.

Comment Re:Obligatory turd in punchbowl (Score 1) 521

Recovered eventually. There's autolithotrophs saturating the bedrock down for several km, Archean extremophiles filling niches so unpleasant an asteroid strike would seem downright balmy in comparison. Granted, wiping out every life form that can't be seen with a microscope would be a bit of a setback, but with any luck there'd have been megacellular organisms again before the sun heats up and cooks the planet.

Comment Re:comparing notes? (Score 1) 1319

I had my mind blown reading Dr. Altemeyer's work The Authoritarians, the bit where he gave the same tests to certain governmental figures both here and in the USSR. He discovered that for all that these fearless Cold Warriors claimed to be mortal enemies fighting for opposing causes, they were, in their outlooks and attitudes, carbon copies of each another.

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