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Comment Human failings override technical details (Score 1) 1148

I've learned a lot from the reassurances from engineers on in regards to nuclear power. I'm still anti-nuclear power. Those reassurances don't take into account political and business pressures. The kind that motivated the Japanese to build a nuclear power plant with a design that was deemed flawed back in 1972 and in an Earthquake zone. More on my opinion

Comment Great idea, but in the wrong direction (Score 1) 352

Tesla Motors already has a very nice electric car that will suit most people's needs. The only bad thing is the price ( about 90K - they are paying off R&D ) Google ( as well as the Federal Government and the auto industry ) should forget about hybrids and focus on enhancing all electric cars. These cars will work with whatever form of energy is used to generate electricity. Maybe the can donate money to battery research to either get longer range batteries are ones that charge fast enough for a pit stop.

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