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Comment Re:Wt (Score 1) 253

We have many comments about the license and we listen, and we thank you for them. We listen, and will engage a discussion with our community soon to see how we could make things better. However, please note that you don't have to make your code "public domain". Of course, you retain the full copyright to your code -- what we currently ask is that you make the code of the application available to your users.

Comment Re:Which open-source license? (Score 1) 253

Indeed, there's no such thing as the database passwd in Opa. The database is only accessed by a single application, which logics controls the access. For instance, your application code allows to create one admin user, who can choose a passwd which is stored in the database. Then, this user has the credentials to change all things when other users don't. And of course, the database content is not covered by the AGPL license.

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You don't use Google? You don't use Twitter? You don't use Facebook? Honestly, the web is evolving towards applications. And the truth behind applications is that they need to run some code on the client side. You may not like it, but with or without this new technology, there will be probably few sites which will work without JS code running on the client in a few years.

Comment Re:Wt (Score 3, Informative) 253

You're the debian packager for Wt, so you must know Wt much better than I do. However, both projects are very different and you should probably have a real look at Opa before popping up on every story about Opa (followed by another comment by someone else saying the link was useful, history repeats ;). Opa is high-level language for writing web apps. Wt is a toolkit for writing web components in C++. There is an order of magnitude between the length of application code in Opa and in Wt. Wt handles everything as strings and does not perform any verification on the soundness of the application -- it's a way simpler project. But on the other hand it is useful to add a web touch to existing C++ desktop apps.

Submission + - Announcing Opa: Making web programming transparent (lambda-the-ultimate.org)

phy_si_kal writes: Opa, a new opensource programming language aiming to make web development transparent has been publicly launched.
Opa automatically generates client-side Javascript and handles communication and session control.
The ultimate goal of this project is to allow writing distributed web applications using a single programming language to code application logics, database queries and user interfaces.

Among existing applications already developed in Opa, some are worth a look.
Best place to start is the project homepage which contains extensive documentation while the code of the technology is on GitHub. A programming challenge ends October 17th.

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